Undas and its Significance to every Dabawenyos

All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day have been a tradition being commemorated by Filipinos since then. But as times had changed, some practices had also changed. We asked Dabawenyos what is the significance of celebrating Undas and the changes and traditions that have seen some huge changes.

Renelyn Barbarona – Radio Commentator/Reporter – RMN DXDC-AM
Celebrating Undas will always be lifelong celebration for Filipinos, amidst the changes of time. Traditions such as offering flowers, candles and of course, prayers for our departed loved ones will eventually be passed on to the coming generations. Even though we have our own ways of commemorating, but we all share the same prayer.

Jenny Zafra – Student
Nothing has really changed, expect that the security is now tightened as compared before. It is important to visit our loved ones in the cemeteries. Through this, we are giving them time to be remembered for they had been ones a part in our life.

SJ Bautista – Security Guard
All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day are two days dedicated for those people who are no longer with us today. It is a special day, that is why it is declared a holiday, so that those who want to visit will be given enough time. Although, as observed, most people had already visited priori to November 1 and 2. Since most employees will be back to work on November 2.

Bernard Mangayao – Davao Resident
Kalag-kalag has been a tradition since then. I personally have been visiting the grave of my loved ones and it is very important that we all should do, to remember the dead through our simplest means, and that is through prayer.

Sonya Moreal – Candle Vendor
As I observed, some do not anymore observe this day in going to the cemeteries. Some are in the beaches or having escapades with their families. Others are just home, wherein they opted to celebrate this solemn day in their place.

Jun Dacalos and Leonora Nuevo
For us who are financially constrained, it is hard for us to celebrate Undas since we are not originally from Davao City, and we had been only living in the city for two months. Since we have been together, we were not able to go to our respective home town (Ormoc and Iligan) to visit our dead relatives. Right now, we opted to focus on our current lives and let them rest and pray for their soul in peace.