Kids of Balay Dangupan receive gifts from Davao Light employees

Gift-giving to the children of Balay Dangupan. Children of Balay Dangupan receive presents from Davao Light and Power Co., Inc. during the gift-giving activity of Davao Light dubbed as Kaibigan

Most children get to unwrap their presents on Christmas day together with their parents. Sadly, not every child get to experience this.

Volunteer-employees of Davao Light and Power Co., Inc. under the Customer Services and Retail Department (CRSD) became santas for a day and made the Christmas season more special to the children of Balay Dangupan.

The gift-giving, dubbed as Kaibigan Gives Back, is an annual activity of Davao Light in partnership with the Aboitiz Foundation.

“Because of your help, we are not losing hope. One day, who knows, the children of Balay Dangupan will be able to finish school and work, probably even in Davao Light, when that day comes, we can do the same thing you do, share blessings to other children,” said one of the kids in Balay Dangupan during her thank you message.

Tears welled up on the eyes of the employees and the room was filled with emotions.

“In this time of the year where we give most emphasis to the value of sharing and giving, it is also the best time to remind them that we are here for them.

Sometimes we just have to let sthem know that other people care for them,” said Socrates Arce, Davao Light CRSD Manager.

A total of 44 gifts were distributed to the children of Balay Dangupan.

Balay Dangupan is a government facility of Davao City Local Government Unit that takes care of children in need of special protection.