CHED accelerates agri-fisheries through university extension projects

The Commission on Higher Education has vowed to support 30 best proposals for agriculture and fisheries from more than 110 submissions across the country.

This is bared by Napoleon Juanillo, Director of Office of Planning, Research and Knowledge Management of CHED during the press conference during the 2nd National Extension Conference at Regal Hotel, Davao City on November 29, 2016.

Juanillo said that the total grant amounted to P125 million and shall be given to identified national universities and colleges of agriculture and fisheries under the National Agriculture and Fisheries Agriculture System.

He added that CHED will start supporting initiatives for schools to partner with business and industry.

Aside from the P125 million grant, P2 million has been allocated per project on 2017 to facilitate transfer of technology that can result to commercialized innovations.

The said projects will also address weaknesses in the global competitiveness of small and medium enterprises.

CHED hopes to bring teachers and extension workers to be more aware of the problems in their communities and propose solutions that may be a product of their research resulting to mature technologies, or accidental innovations from basic research or expertise.

“Extension cannot be anymore separate from research,” said Juanillo.
He added that it is envisioned to be purpose-specific utilizing the best data, science, and evidences from a range of discipline to help society.

Finally, the director pointed out that higher education institutions should produce Filipinos who could use their intellectual capital for economic enterprises, to transform their individual lives, as well as the lives of their families and the lives of their communities