LGU Tagum fetes cooperatives’ role in community development

Tagum City Information Office

Tagum City—With the great contributions of cooperatives in the country’s sustainable economic development as the catalysts for job generation across the nation, the month of October has been declared as the Cooperative Month giving the cooperators a breath of fresh air from the hectic schedule of cooperatives.

Acknowledging the impact of cooperatives in the economic development and in the increase of employment rate in Tagum City, the local government was one with the cooperators in celebrating Tagum’s Cooperative month last October 6 to 26, 2018 where the opening and closing program were held at the New City Hall Atrium.

The month-long celebration commenced last October 6 with the celebration of the Holy Mass to give thanks for the blessings received and a motorcade to present to Tagumenyos the different cooperatives organized  in the city.

Talent, intelligence, and physique of the members were showcased and admired in the different activities held day after the other for a month’s duration. Chess, Dart, Table Tennis, and Billiards are some of the sports being competed which displayed their physical strength and mental power. Coop Voice and Coop DanceFest, on the other hand, tested the singing and dancing prowess of the cooperators which was held at Trade Center Pavilion last October 20.

Beauty and wit were also put to spotlight during the Search for Coop Ambassador and Ambassadress 2018 held right after the sing and dance contest, where the male candidate from the DepEd DavNor NEU Consumer Cooperative was crowned as the Coop Ambassador 2018 and the MADECO Multi-purpose Cooperative’s female aspirant was enthroned as the Coop Ambassadress 2018.

The cooperators did not only exhibit their external beauty and qualities yet their golden hearts were also uncovered and revealed as they conducted community extension services such as medical mission, and tree planting activity for free.

A dinner for a cause was also organized in which part of the proceeds was used for the expenses of the celebration and majority of the share will fuel the Big Brother and Small Brother Program of the Tagum City Cooperative Development Council which is aimed to help the small and micro cooperatives in the city to be a thriving one.

The evening of October 24 was a night of pride for all cooperatives and cooperators in the city, as Mayor Allan L. Rellon bestowed the chosen best among them awards of recognition and appreciation.

Tagum City Women’s Livelihood Consumers Cooperative, Davao Public School Teachers Employees and Retirees Credit Cooperative, Tagum City National High School Teachers Cooperative, and Medical Mission Group Hospital and Health Services Cooperative of Tagum, among others were were respectively granted the Most Outstanding Cooperative awards.

On the other hand, Edna J. Quilario and Ebus D. Sandukan were hailed as the Most Promising Cooperative Leader, and Most Outstanding Cooperative Leader respectively.

October 26 was a bitter-sweet day for the members of the cooperatives. Bitter, for their festivity had already met its finale yet it was sweet for they reaped the crops of their success on the month-long jollity. JP Cordovero/CIO Tagum