New eye center eye center is answer to lingering woes

More Filipinos are having vision problems and fortunately for Davao City, a modern treatment center has just opened.

Earlier this year, Borough Lasik opened its first ever branch in Mindanao which is now located in JJ’s Commune Compound, Loyola Street, Obrero to test the waters on how much clients would be inquiring and availing their services. This their second branch following the one they have in SM Mall of Asia.

“We opened in the middle of January and since then a lot of patients are coming in to the clinic to have their eyes checked if it’s good for Lasik. We are doing well for this first quarter more than the expected actually. Even a month we outperformed our MOA clinic which is already operating for 5 years,” Dr. Ches Heredia, BLC Medical Director and Head Ophthalmologist said.

Borough Lasik Center – Davao is Mindanao’s first and only full-service Lasik center, bringing you the same top of the line technology, expertise, and customer experience powered by Schwind Eye-Tech Solutions, the worldwide market leader for Excimer Lasers. This makes Borough one of the very few clinics in the Philippines to use this high caliber laser refractive technology.

“Every week one of us will be here to work with the local doctors so that we will have the best results and services. We also brought here the best equipment with our training and experience to share with them,” Dr. Gabriel Bunagan, BLC Davao Local Head Ophthalmologist said.

Studies shows that there are over 4 million Filipinos that have been reported by the Department of Health to have undiagnosed eye problems in 2019.

That is during pre-pandemic times. Imagine how many more people are having it now that everyone has been on their mobile phones or personal computers for work, online classes and on leisure time!

This whopping number is something that needs to be addressed especially for those who has been wearing eyeglasses their whole life. That’s when the services like Lasik eye surgery comes in. Lasik is a 10-minute laser refractive procedure used to treat astigmatism, hyperopia, and myopia. It is the most commonly performed procedure with the fastest results and recovery period. One of the known clinics that offers this service best is Borough Lasik Center (BLC).

Borough Lasik is eyeing to train more doctors who are willing to practice Lasik eye surgery as they are looking forward to open more branches soon.

Begin your journey to 20/20 vision by taking their free suitability test to check if your eyes are eligible for Lasik surgery.

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