Bigo Live Celebrates Filipino Artists at Inaugural Bigo Voice Music Fest

The first-ever live music event celebrated Filipino talents and strengthened the community through music

Manila, Philippines, 1 July 2024 – Bigo Live, the world’s leading global livestreaming
platform, announced the winners of the first-ever Bigo Voice Music Fest competition on 28
June in Metro Manila, Philippines. Bigo Voice Music Fest is the platform’s inaugural online
and offline music event connecting artists and music-lovers from all across the Philippines,
bringing the joy of music closer to the local and global community through live experiences,
happening in real-time.

The three talented rising stars Nikki Enriquez (Bigo id: NikkiEnriquez), Ronnel Abinal
(Bigo id: White_Official28) and Lailanie Balmediano (Bigo id: primelovekisses) won 1st
Place, 2nd Place and 3rd Place, respectively, and received prizes including trophies and up
to 200,000 Bigo Beans (the virtual currency on Bigo Live). During the event, audience
members voted IKANG (Bigo id: ikangmo) as the “Most Impactful Icon of the Night.” The
awards night was attended by over 200 fans and broadcasters, and featured captivating live
performances by the top 14 Bigo hosts who came from all over the Philippines.

The three artists emerged as winners after a series of online challenges on Bigo Live where
over 100 Philippines-based broadcasters battled it out across three categories: Solo, Duo
and Family Livehouses. The top 14 finalists, ranked automatically based on the points
collected during their livestreams, were invited to perform in Manila.

Here are broadcasters that performed during Bigo Voice Music Fest:
1. Rency Consigna (id: RencyMusic)
2. Alexa Marnilo (id: AlexaBokalista)
3. Ria (id: riamariyaa)
4. Hayag a.k.a SikatNgAraw (id: sikatngaraw)
5. Arya (id: Im_jimjim)

6. Edsel Santiago (id: santiagoedselll_)
7. Mika Gomez (id: mixxhearts)
8. Hannah Rentuma (id: hanarentuma)
9. Gracie (id: GraCie05)
10. Niezl Valera Gandol “Dimples” (id: Dimples23ASTA836)
11. Eleisha Rosete (id: eleisharosete)
12. Lailanie Balmediano (id: primelovekisses)
13. Jannah Bocatiya (id: jfaye)
14. Nikki Enriquez (id: NikkiEnriquez)
Fostering Connections and Community Spirit Through Music

Bigo Voice Music Fest demonstrated the power of live music to forge connections within the
local Filipino community. Fans were treated to a unique ‘up-close and personal’ experience
where music and community came to life.

“The power of live performances lies in its ability to foster real-time connections between
performers and audiences. We were thrilled to witness Bigo Voice performers amplify their
shared passions and electrifying talents on stage. Their infectious energy helped to create a
space where people from all walks of life can come together, celebrate creativity, and forge
lasting connections. This is truly what we envisioned for the Bigo Live platform – a safe
space for artistic expression and forging unforgettable bonds,” said Ian Goh, Director, Bigo
Live Philippines.

With the event’s immersive and interactive nature, Bigo Live underlined its commitment to
providing a vibrant, safe, and inclusive social livestreaming platform, online and offline.
Throughout the event, Bigo Live hosts could connect with other hosts as well as fans, forging
stronger bonds with one another through their shared passions, creating memorable
moments with the community.

Bigo Live stays committed to fostering an eco-system for content creators who inspire joy
and positivity among users and broadcasters. Bigo Live will continue to advocate for
compassionate and connected communities by spearheading creator- and
community-centric initiatives. These efforts will uplift our Filipino broadcasters and
audiences, allowing them to bond with one another while expressing their authentic selves
and talents.

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