Enjoying Kadayawan

As Davao City marks the 34th Kadayawan Festival with the main weekend celebration, everyone’s safety and security remains the optimum priority. The Kadayawan is not just a celebration of bountiful harvest, it is significantly a celebration of Davao’s resiliency amidst the constant threats to the peace and order of the city as well as its safety.

To best enjoy the festivities it is important to heed the precautionary measures given by the city government and the law enforcement agencies. The measures to be imposed may be harsh given that revelers of the Kadayawan are in celebratory mode–a stage where there is comparatively less regard for safety and security than plainly having fun. Hence, it is helpful if everyone reviews the friendly reminders and make sure they comply with it. Simple reminders include not wearing jackets as law enforcers will be looking out for possible suicide bombers in the same terroristic manner as the Jolo, Sulu blast; not carrying backpacks as these are common accessories of concealment by terrorists; submitting cooperatively to security checks in several areas in the city as well as the entry and exit points; and not tagging along young children and infants as well as the elderly.

The success of the Kadayawan will rely heavily on the cooperation of Dabawenyos and the Kadayawan visitors. Everyone’s vigilance will make the job easier for law enforcers. If there’s anything suspicious, the best thing to do is to report the same to the nearest law enforcement personnel. In this day and age where the internet has become an ally in propagating vigilance and expanding awareness through social media, it helps to be alert and conscious of what is going on around the place.
Happy Kadayawan to all!