Who is behind Bunal Gang?

They come out in the deep of the night and strike young kids in sight. They are the notorious ‘Bunal Gang’–the name given to motorcycle-riding gangsters who beat up young people after curfew hours.

Are they masquerading as vigilantes going after undisciplined youngsters? 
Yes, this new band of violence-sowers in the city are the latest of the city’s peace and order distractions. Quite disturbing even because some of them are clad in police shirts. Armed with bats and steel wires, they crash into internet gaming cafes and beat everyone in sight. According to some reports, these are vendetta groups that came out after a spate of gang wars in the city. Some also say they are backed by the police and are out to get all curfew violators.

The emergence of the Bunal Gang has resulted into something positive in terms of obedience to curfew hours as many youths have decided to stay home during these hours while internet cafes that usually operate 24 hours have shortened operations and abided by the curfew ordinance.

Amidst the reports, however, the police have denied involvement or links to these band of nocturnal beaters. Nevertheless, it should end with denials.

The police need to conduct an investigation into these malefactors as they have already injured a number of victims. Barangays must also look into these incidents as they are the frontline protectors of residents within their community.

Never mind if this has resulted into something good. The fact remains that everyone should be safe and that no one should inflict harm to another even for ‘disciplinary’ reasons. 

Whatever the end, it cannot justify the means. Just as the means do not justify the end.