Commitment is the bottomline

Last December, Davao City Mayor Sara Z. Duterte sternly frowned upon the decision of her father President Rodrigo Duterte to impose a government-initiated unilateral ceasefire with the communist New People’s Army rebels.
That was during holiday break. 

Now, Mayor Sara may have somewhat mellowed in her stance as she now expressed her support of the government’s plan to resume peace negotiations with the New People’s Army (NPA).

Saying she is also a Filipino at heart, Mayor Sara said last week she is not opposing the plan of the resumption of peace talks between the government and Communist Party of the Philippines – New People’s Army (CPP-NPA).

Whatever happens, Mayor Sara said, at least they tried. That’s the bottomline.

The crucial part in the peace talks, said Mayor Sara, will still be how sincere the communist rebels will be in their commitment to peace.