For the greater good

The one single reason that keeps Davao from pushing across its dream bridge project that will connect it to the Island Garden City of Samal (Igacos) is said to be the business interest of a single family.

The rest of the island off Samal are for the dream project that took years in the drawing board.

Yes, all that is stopping this project that will dramatically change the future of the two cities and neighbouring areas, is one single opposition. 

In a democracy like ours, even a single voice must be heard, one single property right is of equal weight as others. That is why even if the numbers are so lopsided in this case, that one single opposition deserves its day in court. It must be respected just as everyone who favored the project.

But then there must be a way to pursue this dream project with a dialogue. This is now the last ditch effort of the provincial government of Davao del Norte under which Igacos belongs to talk to the property owner who claims business losses if the project will push through.

Perhaps, the bigger picture which everyone must reckon with over personal interests will prevail under an atmosphere of understanding and mutual benefits.

Afterall, with this dream project in place, the owner of the property affected by the easement will benefit from it perhaps even more.

People only need to see the bigger picture.