EDITORIAL: Takeaways

The elections are over and the results point to clear wins, lopsided at that, for the tandem of former Senator Bongbong Marcos and Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio.

However, the battle did not seem to subside yet on social media. Some of the rivals and their supporters have not conceded just yet and are not about to ‘recognize’ the election winners. Pathetic that these people have to resort to some protestations and accusations when the results show a very lopsided margin, hence beyond doubt.

Losing camps have yet to concede that their strategy failed in this elections. The same strategy they employed in the past elections.

A few takeaways posted by netizens on their observations in the recent elections were expressed clearly as though they were made by election analysts. Despite being not, the elections didn’t need a rocket scientist to explain what went wrong in the strategy of the losing camp particularly that of VP Leni Robredo and her runningmate Senator Kiko Pangilinan.

These takeaways include: trusting and validating poll surveys as it has proven accurate in the past two elections; not resorting to mud-slinging, name-calling and insulting; not looking down on the supporters of other candidates and using the line “let me educate you”; respecting others’ opinions’; campaigns are a political activity which calls for a working strategy, it not a television or film production; celebrities are not sure-fire tools for success; and, not relying on crowd attendees as equivalent to votes.

For the losing camp, it is indeed a bitter pill to swallow but they just have to take it. And learn from it.

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