EDITORIAL: Precious commodity

Water is a precious commodity and where wasted, affects the household, the community and the local economy.

Such is the concern of the city government of Davao and the Davao City Water District (DCWD) as concern has been raised about water loss due to damaged water pipes caused by some excavation works by private contractors.

Water loss is passed on to the supply of consumers and at the rate we are losing water to busted pipes, the DCWD said it can already add one or two production wells.

These busted pipes are a result of the diggings made by private contractors for road repairs and construction. The pipes burried underground consists of the critical source Lines 1 and 2 from its source in Dumoy. Once the transmission and distribution lines are hit, it causes ripple effect to every household.

After the spate of incidents of busted pipelines and water interruptions, Mayor Sebastian “Baste” Duterte has made sure this will be mitigated but it needs everyone’s cooperation. He asked contractors to look after ruptured water pipes and to report if there is any incident of busted pipes. Before contractors cover the ground, the City Engineer’s Office has to inspect that no pipe is busted.

On their part, contractors should be wary of the existing pipelines and ensure they do not hit any of these whilst implementing projects. This may not be 100 percent

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