EDITORIAL: Walk the talk

The youth is the future of this nation. That hackneyed line we always hear repeating that of the famous words of national hero Dr. Jose Rizal.

However, there is much to be desired.

There is still a lot that needs to be done in order to translate that motherhood statement into concrete programs for the youth. Not that we don’t do anything, it’s just not enough.

In the works at the Senate is a measure that seeks to institutionalize the expansion of the application of the Special Education Fund (SEF) to other education-related items, such as the payment of salaries, allowances and other benefits of teaching and non-teaching personnel.

Senator Christopher “Bong” Go is pushing for this measure by reintroducing Senate Bill No. 1190 which provides for the expansion of the application of the additional one percent (1%) Special Education Fund (SEF) tax to the other needs of the public education system, such as the construction and repair of libraries, and payment of salaries, allowances and other benefits of teaching and non-teaching personnel, among others.

SBN 1190 amends Section 272 of the Local Government Code. Go pointed out that it will make the use of the fund less restrictive and will allow local government units to maximize their resources to adopt new education policies and learning techniques that are necessary at this time.

Recognizing that the youth are the main agents of change, the Dabawenyo lawmaker underscored the importance of prioritizing the youth sector as he continues to push for measures that are focused at protecting their rights and welfare.

By empowering the youth sector through quality education and other programs that would benefit their personal growth and lead them to be effective drivers of change and development, we ensure that old hackneyed line will find realization.

Yes, the youth is our future but we need to prepare them now.

Let’s walk the talk.

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