EDITORIAL: When self interest prevails

Up to what extent can one sacrifice the general welfare for self interest?

In politics, self sacrifice rarely exists.

The latest of which is the summary denial by the House leadership of Vice President Sara Duterte’s request for the approval of Confidential Funds of the Office of the Vice President and the Department of Education. The vice president holds both offices.

House Speaker Martin Romualdez, first cousin of President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. who has his runningmate as his biggest ally, thumbed down the request of the vice president and acceded to a small House group belonging to the militant Makabayan bloc who have obvious reasons to object the CF of VP Sara whose CF is mainly used as part of her efforts against insurgency and peace and order.

As to why Speaker Romualdez objects of the anti-insurgency and peace keeping efforts is intriguing. VP Sara’s expenditures, in fairness to her office, have been made transparent and can be accessed through the OVP’s and DepEd’s websites. If he suspects of irregularities, he can call for an investigation but he opted to simply bin the budget request.

VP Sara has seen the fight against communist insurgency at close range back when she was Mayor of Davao City and has had successes in allocating confidential funds to achieve peace in conflict areas. In this protracted battle against insurgents, VP Sara knows the biggest losers are the young generation whose future re put into the perils of uncertainty. As Secretary of Education, VP Sara deems it necessary for the DepEd to mount a campaign that is relevant, doable and sustainable and all these are anchored on the CF.

Nothing drives one to go against that but only self interest.

In this case, it’s obvious what is imperative.


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