LEADING BY EXAMPLE: Mayor Inday tests negative for drug use

Mayor Inday Sara Duterte on Tuesday afternoon took a drug test in compliance with a government order for public officials to undergo mandatory drug testing.

The mayor tested negative for drug use and noted that the simple act of submitting one’s self to a drug test sends the positive message that the local government is supportive of the national government’s campaign against illegal drugs.

“We have to be an example to our society with regard to healthy living, and being clean, and not engaging into drugs,” she said. “And we should also set an example to the people of Davao — that we should never engage in illegal drugs.”

On Monday, more than 30 heads of department and officials of the City Hall also took the drug test. On Wednesday morning, 168 City Hall drivers also took the drug test.

“The local government is not only implementing the memorandum from the Civil Service Commission, but also showing that we are serious in our commitment to support the government’s fight against illegal drugs,” said Michael Denton Aportadera, the Davao City Anti-Drug Council (Cadac) action man.

Under Civil Service Commission (CSC) Circular no. 13,  government employees, whether they hold plantilla or job order positions, have to undergo the mandatory random drug test.


Meanwhile, Mayor Inday said employees who will test positive for illegal drugs will be referred to Cadac for rehabilitation.

But she also noted that termination from work is a possibility.

“It would all depend on his job. He could be terminated but we will definitely assess his records and consider many factors, including the length of service. For regular employees, we will refer to Cadac,” she said. CIO