Height is might no more

If you still are caught up in the belief that in basketball, “height is might”, think again.

Meet veteran coach Ronel Leuterio. He is a non-believer of this mind’s eye.

Coach Ronel Leuterio is determined to introduce the new basketball concept to Filipinos.

Far from the conventional belief that basketball will only be dominated by the tall and hefty, the seasoned drillmaster who once steered the Davao Eagles in the now defunct Metropolitan Basketball Association (MBA) and now Samahang Basketbol ng Pilipinas (SBP) Davao executive program officer is ready to unveil a never-before-seen system that will prove the “height is might” perspective wrong.

In a conversation with this writer on Wednesday, the SBP Davao executive shared that a dimensional system best fits with the Philippine brand of basketball.

It is likely elevating the smaller players to a more efficient and competitive plays that could keep pace with, perhaps, overcome the larger ones through an unorthodox but proven style that relies on a larger attempt percentage.

Leuterio didn’t label this system yet but it will come up with an initial pilot tournament project dubbed as Escandor Cup 3×3 unconventional three-point shootout devoted for private and public school teams with players born in 2003.

The date of this competition isn’t determined yet but he said it is most likely to get-going in June right after the orientation slated on Sunday, May 26 at the Davao City Recreation Center formerly Almendras Gym.

The orientation starts at exactly 9:00am and ends at lunch time.

During the orientation, Leuterio will explain the concept of the three-point shootout and will touch the basic knowledge of the said system he is talking about.

Leuterio said this three-point shootout is way different from the traditional game where racks of balls will be placed around the arc and the participant will shoot as many as he can until the given time expires.

“Iba ito, it will be played by a team composed of four players,” he said.

He didn’t want to spill more about the system but urges the coaches to come over on Sunday to understand it further.

Before this system will be formally launched, Leuterio studied it first in 2017 and even enhanced through the years while observing the system of various NBA teams.

As much he wanted to share everything, Leuterio invites the coaches to come on time and know more about the system.

After this three-point shootout, Leuterio will hold the first Escandor Cup 4×4 tournament where the system will be officially tested.