City needs floodgates and pumping stations

The City Engineer’s Office sees the need for engineering interventions like the construction of floodgates and pumping stations to mitigate the flooding problem in the city.
Engineer Alan Tibor told members of local media that these are the immediate needs in the city given that are many of low-lying areas that suffer from severe flooding after heavy rains. «A part of the city is below sea level,» Tibor said.
City consultant Danny Dayanghirang cited the Candaba flood project as a potential solution for Davao›s case.
“We would definitely be needing billions, but this is what we really need. A flood gate that we can close during high tide and open again when the tide is low,” Dayanghirang said.
The city often experiences heavy rainfall that results in flooding in many parts of the city.
Tibor explained that Davao has a total of 25 outlets in the form of creeks, natural waterways, canals and rivers. However, most of these outlets are no longer functioning normally. Instead of directing canal water to the sea, the water often gets blocked along the way and tends to back up to where it came from.
There is a need to require industries to put up their own water impounding system to temporarily store excess water which the industries can later use.[PIA 11]