Rody’s admin ‘very good’: SWS

The Social Weather Station (SWS) released on Thursday its September 24-27 survey that gave the government a “very good” net satisfaction rating from the public during the first three months of the administration of President Duterte.

The SWS also took note of the top marks that the Duterte administration got in its campaigns against illegal drugs and on the promotion of human rights.

Of the 1,200 adult respondents from Metro Manila, Balance Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, SWS said 75% were satisfied with the general performance of the new administration of President Duterte, 17% were undecided while 8% were dissatisfied.

The results generated a +66 net satisfaction rating for the present government that is classified as “very good”, SWS added.

The current administration’s war on drugs also got high rating from the respondents with a +78 net score – of which 85% said they are satisfied, 7% dissatisfied and 7% undecided.

Amidst the criticisms, not only from local critics but also from other countries and international bodies saying that the war on drugs resulted to human rights violations with the increase of cases of extra-judicial killings (EJKs), still the Duterte administration gained high grade from the respondents.

The government got a “very good” or +63 net score in “promoting human rights” during the first three months of the new administration – 74% of respondents said they were satisfied, 11% dissatisfied and 15% undecided.

The government also had a high rating in helping the poor, or +63 where 75% said they were satisfied, 12% dissatisfied and 13% undecided.

President Duterte’s administration also got high marks in other fields as a result of the recently-released SWS survey.

  1. +62 net score in promoting the welfare of Overseas Filipinos Workers (OFW);
  2. +58 net score in fighting crime;
  3. +57 net score in eradicating graft and corruption;
  4. +55 net score in fighting terrorism;
  5. +55 net score in defending the country’s territorial rights;
  6. +53 net score in distributing lands to deserving tillers under land reform.

The national government also garnered “good” scores in eight other issues, that include: “developing science and technology” (+49), “providing jobs” (+46), “reconciliation with Muslim rebels” (+42), “foreign relations” (+39), “ensuring an efficient transportation system” (+39), “reconciliation with communist rebels” (+39), “ensuring that no family will ever be hungry” (+37) and “fighting inflation” (+33).

The SWS said that the government’s net ratings in 10 fields rose by at least one grade from the last survey it conducted on Governance Report Card.

These increases in net ratings include:

  1. Promoting human rights with “very good or +63 from the “good” +31 in September 2015;
  2. Fighting crime with “very good” or +58 from June’s “good” or +31;
    Eradicating graft and corruption with two grades up to “very good” or +57 from June’s “moderate” or +27;
  3. Fighting terrorism” with three grades up to a “very good” or +55 from a “neutral” or +7 in April;
  4. Defending the country’s territorial rights with “very good” or +53 from June’s “good” or +45;
    Distributing lands to deserving tillers under land reform with “good” or +53 from a “good” or +36 in December 2012;
  5. Reconciliation with Muslim rebels with “good” or +42 from “moderate” or +25 in June;
    Reconciliation with communist rebels with “good” or +39 from a “moderate” or +25 in June;
  6. Ensuring that no family will ever be hungry with “good” or +37 from June’s “moderate” or +25;
  7. Fighting inflation with “good” or +33 from a “moderate” or +19 in June.

The SWS also noted that the national government fared relatively well across geographic areas and socioeconomic classes during the September survey, as it gained net rating hit compared to the survey conducted last June.

The said net rating hit includes:

A record-high “excellent” +81 in Mindanao, 21 points up from a “very good” +60;
A “very good” +66 in Metro Manila that was 34 points up from a “good” +32;
A “very good” +62 in the Visayas that was flat from the previous reading;
A “very good” +60 in “Balance Luzon” that was 15 points more than June’s “good” +45.

Meanwhile, Malacanang expressed gratitude to the Filipino people for giving the administration high net satisfaction rating.

“We thank the Filipino people for giving the highest initial net satisfaction rating obtained by an administration to the Duterte administration,” Presidential Communications Office (PCO) Secretary Martin Andanar said in a press statement on Thursday.

The high rating, Andanar added will become the source of inspiration and strength of President Duterte and his entire team to double their time and energy to rid society of drugs, criminality and corruption.

”Let these survey results not lull us to complacency. The President, as we all know, has been elevating the consciousness of our people from the gravity of the drug problem and the threat of terrorism and lawlessness. This means much work has to be done and we all need to roll up our sleeves and buckle down to work and get things done,” he added.