Parent-child relationships and the CHINESE ZODIAC

metromomUnderstanding a child’s troubling behavior is a never-ending process. Every parent goes through this at different stages of their offspring’s life. It’s challenging, baffling, and sometimes nerve-wracking. Couples try to develop their own system of understanding of what their child wishes to communicate even in the midst of tantrums and outbursts because, after all, behavior has meaning and it is one means of expression. 
 There are many ways you work out and establish a good relationship with your child. Keeping an open mind and heart allows you to see through every tear and scream. Your responses vary depending on the situation and condition.
 Taking Chinese astrology in consideration (as we are also welcoming the Chinese New Year), there is a framework on building relationships by understanding characteristics and compatibility through horoscope. This is not to help you predict or pattern your child’s future, but simply a more comprehensive outline on how characteristics can manifest behavior. The following information could help you understand how you can maintain and improve your understanding and responses to your child’s behavior. By this, you can may also reflect on your own shortcomings and how you can manage your own parenting style by loving and accepting your child’s through the best and worst times.

Rat Parent 
Rat: They are very idealistic and would want to get away from their Rat-parent’s shadow
Ox: Devoted to family and home, even when he grows older
Tiger: A source of pride and worry for a Rat-parent
Rabbit: Impulsive, full of surprises and they are likely to do things without warning
Dragon: They will never cease to amaze the Rat-parent
Snake: Of opposite sexes, a Rat-parent will be a friend to a Snake-child, while parent and child of the same gender might have disagree on certain matters
Horse: Rat-parent needs to make a conscious effort in bridging the gap with a Horse-child
Goat (sheep): Rat-parent should make it very clear to the Goat-child that all lines of communication are open and they will be accepted by family no matter what
Monkey: Smart but stubborn, needs clear guidance and strong support from the Rat-parent
Rooster: Devoted to the Rat-parent, except when the issue is concerning what they feel most emotional about
Dog: Might start off as disobedient as a child, but will later on surprise the Rat-parent with something they will be proud of when the child grows old 
Boar (Pig): Needs a good amount of caring and loving from a Rat-parent

Ox Parent
Rat: Intelligent and smart
Ox: Hard-working
Tiger: Active and full of life
Rabbit: Source of happiness to an Ox-parent
Dragon: Very particular with their comfort zone or personal bubble, territorial
Snake: Might sometimes try to outsmart the Ox-parent
Horse: They always want to declare independence.
Goat (sheep): Ox-parent needs to keep open the communication lines to a Goat-child 
Monkey: Mischievous 
Rooster: Full of happy surprises 
Dog: Ox-parent needs to give more vote of confident to the Dog-child to appreciate his efforts
Pig: Warm and affectionate

Tiger Parent 
Rat: May start off as wanting for independence but later on develops a closer relationship with the Tiger-parent 
Ox: Stubborn and rebellious 
Tiger: Might refuse to follow the Tiger-parent’s footprint
Rabbit: A source of happiness to the Tiger-parent 
Dragon: A source of pride to the Tiger-parent 
Snake: Might have difficulty relating to the Tiger-parent the way the parent wishes to 
Horse: They might be more open to others rather than the Tiger-parent 
Goat (sheep): Loving and dedicated
Monkey: Needs direction and guidance.
Rooster: Might want to leave the comforts of family but will stay affectionate to the Tiger-parent 
Dog: Finds mutual bond with what the Tiger-parent takes delight in.
Pig: Most likely to depend on the Tiger-parent to provide as they settle into home life 

Rabbit Parent
Rat: Sel-centered
Ox: Very devoted and helpful to Rabbit-parent 
Tiger: Maintains close relationship with the Rabbit-parent
Rabbit: Very loving and caring to the Rabbit-paren 
Dragon: Full of surprises 
Snake: Reserved but full of love and devotion
Horse: Mature and can relate to adults 
Goat (sheep): Loving and true 
Monkey: Might cause some problems but will maintain a tight bond with Rabbit-parent. 
Rooster: Needs independence but remains devoted to Rabbit-parent 
Dog: Quiet and reserved 
Pig: Will be a Rabbit-parent’s best friend and source of comfort 

Dragon Parent
Rat: Takes on the unrealized artistic aspirations of the Dragon-parent 
Ox: Have different views and interests from the Dragon-parent 
Tiger: Dragon-parent needs to be more understanding and open to Tiger-child to avoid disagreements 
Rabbit: Obedient to Dragon-parent 
Dragon: They will enjoy the comforts given to them by the Dragon-parent 
Snake: Sensible
Horse: Mature 
Goat (sheep): Needs great attention and open communication 
Monkey: Perfect companion for the Dragon-parent
Rooster: Follows his own instincts
Dog: Might always disagree with the Dragon-parent 
Pig: Loving and affectionate to the Dragon-parent

Snake Parent
Rat: Follows his own line of thinking
Ox: Needs guidance from Snake-parent
Tiger: Difficult but not rebellious 
Rabbit: Source of happiness to the Snake-parent 
Dragon: Expressive and opinionated 
Snake: Will always be in close contact and communication with the Snake-parent 
Horse: Might not share the same interests with Snake-parent, might choose to keep thoughts to himself 
Goat (sheep): Attuned to the ways and nature of the Snake-parent 
Monkey: Independent
Rooster: Follows his dreams but needs guidance from Snake-parent
Dog: Requires more attention and affection from Snake-parent 
Pig: Loving and devoted

Horse Parent
Rat: Might want to follow his own dreams and ambitions 
Ox: Independent but helpful 
Tiger: Source of happiness to the Horse-parent
Rabbit: Sensitive 
Dragon: Requires more support and understanding
Snake: Might start off with frustrations but will find his own comfort and gain stability when he grows old 
Horse: Close to the Horse-parent
Goat (sheep): Might turn out to be the most loved by the Horse-parent.
Monkey: Will follow instincts and find other  interests 
Rooster: Independent
Dog: Loyal and helpful 
Pig: Caring and affectionate

Goat (Sheep) Parent
Rat: Independent
Ox: Aggressive and stubborn 
Tiger: A source of happiness to the Goat-parent 
Rabbit: A source of happiness to the Goat-parent 
Dragon: Have different views and interests from Goat-parent, but will remain very respectful 
Snake: Loving
Horse: Loving and caring 
Goat (sheep): The favorite child.
Monkey: Independent and secretive
Rooster: Joyful and productive 
Dog: Difficult but determined to find better ways on life 
Pig: Gentle and loving

Monkey Parent 
Rat: Warm and loving
Ox: Trustworthy, generous and responsible
Tiger: Enjoys his personal space
Rabbit: Might disagree with the Monkey-parent’s views and opinions 
Dragon: Smart and intelligent
Snake: Reserved but amiable
Horse: Responsible and genuine
Goat (sheep): Might prefer to be left on his own by the Monkey-parent
Monkey: Needs more support 
Rooster: Full of life 
Dog: Loving and caring 
Pig: Needs more affection and attention 

Rooster Parent
Rat: Independent 
Ox: Reliable and responsible 
Tiger: Needs close supervision 
Rabbit: Carefree, needs guidance
Dragon: Full of surprises
Snake: Source of pride and honor to the Rooster-parent
Horse: Independent
Goat (sheep): Affectionate and caring
Monkey: Needs direction and support from the Rooster-parent 
Rooster: Might need a bit of independence from a clingy Rooster-parent 
Dog: Loyal and caring
Pig: Gives comfort and assurance to the Rooster-parent

Dog Parent
Rat: A source of happiness to the Dog-parent
Ox: Dog-parent should not be dominating over the Ox-child so as not to hinder the child’s personal and intellectual growth 
Tiger: Talented, an achiever
Rabbit: Dog-parent should find means how to open the Rabbit-child to communicate with him
Dragon: Responsible and solution-oriented
Snake: Ambitious and have aspirations which might not be easily accepted by Dog-parent
Horse: Well cared for by the Dog-parent
Goat (sheep): Might encounter challengers in romance and business later on in life, needs guidance 
Monkey: Energetic and mischievous 
Rooster: Independent
Dog: A good companion to the Dog-parent
Pig: Affectionate and warm

Pig (Boar) Parent
Rat: Doesn’t show much interest on matters important to Pig-parent
Ox: Brings a lot of joy and satisfaction to the Pig-parent
Tiger: Enjoys the comfort of home
Rabbit:  Source of happiness to  Pig-parent
Dragon: Pig-parent should not be too dominating or overly protective of Dragon-child
Snake: Independent
Horse: Serious, strong and responsible
Goat (sheep): Will give honor and great advantages to the Pig-parent
Monkey: Energetic 
Rooster: Will show a great potential in a lot of  fields and skills 
Dog: Loyal to home and Pig-parent
Pig: Happy, cheerful and full of life