THE ROYAL CHEF: When in doubt, have a burger

Nothing is as exceptional as the last dish we’ve eaten. And that includes a plethora of subjective connotations that no one can contest. Aside from it being experiential, it too evokes an emotion that urges another to seek and experience the same. And yes, this is life. The circle of life.

With everyone in a festive mood, notwithstanding the traffic and British-like weather, no one can stop a hungry tummy to go out and dissect the city even more. For one, having no definite plan of where to go and what to do turns out to be the best plan ever. And that is how a foodie mind works — planning to not have a plan at all.

Green Rocks Burger Joint has been in the Davao food scene for a time now. Silently grilling burgers at Felcris Centrale’s alfresco dining area, Green Rocks began as a pastry shop and on the side, offering catering services. That time, their market considerably grew hence prompting them to let go of an existing physical store and focus on an online business that eventually took them places.

Today, Green Rocks operates and is better known as a burger joint that serves some of the city’s best burgers without breaking your budget. Concept wise, their burgers are handcrafted to suit a particular craving on a particular time. The diversity was intentional thus prompting powerhouse couple Julius Escovilla and Chef Llerma Javier to create more burger variants to add to their menu. The result? Undeniably delish!

Slowly, Dabawenyos are learning, enjoying and craving for their burgers. Why? Their patty sets them apart from others. Meaty, yes, but does not give off a certain meaty aftertaste. More so, ingredients do not overpower each other. Instead, their flavours marry and produces a flavour combination that’s not nakakaumay at all.

Their market, like their burgers, is also diverse. Since having a formidable spot at Centrale, Green Rocks Burger Joint has since been enjoying an increase in popularity. Today, it’s not just another burger joint in Davao. Green Rocks Burger Joint is a definite must try when in Davao.

Green Rocks Burger Joint is located at the alfresco dining area of Felcris Centrale, Quimpo blvd, Davao City. Soon to open Green Rocks Burger Joint at the new NCCC Mall in  Buhangin come June 2018.

TRC Speaks: Davao has since become a mekkah for foodies. Everywhere we look, there’s a dining place with an exceptional dish on their menu. With the upsurge of burgers and diners in the city, many businesses began serving experimental burgers. What I love about Green Rocks Burger Joint is that they keep their burgers clean, subtle but not boring.  And the best part? Each burger has a signature taste you won’t find elsewhere.

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