3rd Davao Culinary Cup announced

Floral arrangement contest included

LTB Davao Chapter officers with Doltz Pilar (in red), Salome San Jose,Antonio ‘Bong’ Adriatico Jr and John Ong.

The LTB Philippines Chefs Association, together with the Pastry Alliance of the Philippines and PEPTarsus,Inc., is bringing once again the biggest culinary competition in Mindanao this 2018 — with an additional category at that.

On its 3rd year, the Davao Culinary Cup (DCC) 2018 is the most prestigious culinary competition in Davao City and the only culinary competition accredited by the Philippine Culinary Cup. The event will be held at the SM Lanang Premier, Davao City on August 23-25, 2018. The event is held simultaneously with the World Food Expo (WOFEX).

3rd Davao Culinary Cup

The 3rd Davao Culinary Cup aims to promote camaraderie and open a plethora of learning opportunities to participants and everyone who aspire for a culinary profession. More so, it seeks to continually elevate the standards of culinary excellence and professionalism.

DCC 2018 acts as a platform to further hone and development skills and also is cored upon the promotion of the Filipino Culinary Professional in the hopes of improving the level of food service in Mindanao in general.

LTB Davao Chapter President, Salome San Jose, said that providing the food industry and the academe with the necessary exposure and experience through this competition is truly invaluable. She further added, “It will assist us to become at par with our national and international counterparts in the very near future”.

This year, DCC has five exciting competition categories designed for nubes and professional cooks and chefs. As such, there will be separate competition categories for individual and team. And each category will be based on a set of criteria to be overseen by an esteemed jury of international and Filipino WACS (World Accredited Chefs) accredited judges.

Categories include Culinary, Pastry, Table Setting, Bartending and the newest addition, Flower Arrangement.


left to right Antonio ‘Bong’ Adriatico Jr (Raflora Enterprises Creative Director), Salome ‘Sally’ San Jose LTB Phils Davao Chapter President and Doltz Pilar

Flower arrangement


Yes, food and flower go hand in hand. Have you ever been to a celebration without the presence of the two?

Renowned florist extraordinaire Antonio ‘Bong’ Adriatico, Jr, DFD, Raflora Enterprises creative director,is this year’s biggest influence to aspiring florists in the whole of Mindanao.

For Adriatico, “Flowers will always be a part if the milestones we celebrate in our lives. It is inconceivable that anybody can be immune to the flood of different emotions flowers can bring us.”

He further added, “It is my belief that good floral design uplifts the human spirit and can serve as inspiration to create beauty in our lives. Creativity and knowledge should make it possible that flowers can be bought and enjoyed by as many people as possible.”

The inclusion was inevitable. Davao has some of the most beautiful flower shops in the country. Bankerohan being the biggest producer of flowers in the city. And with the many events and celebrations all year round, the flower industry is one big market to tap into.

LTB (Les Toques Blanches) Philippines Chefs Association is a non-profit organization that brings together hotel and restaurant professionals regardless of nationality, LTB Phils. is a member of the World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS) — the governing body of culinary associations dedicated to maintaining and improving the culinary standards of global cuisines.

Roland Fernandez, of Prim Communications and Events, is this year’s event organizer.