THE ROYAL CHEF: Asia at your Palate

ASIA will always be a foremost travel and dining location for anyone from all over the world. And this can be backed by real time data and experiences from travelers. The many races, faces and ages you meet is enough to have your own whirlwind of travel escapade in an instant. This and many other reasons top anyone’s bucket list for an unforgettable travel — whether alone, with a significant other or with family and friends.

Aside from the many sights and scenes from high to low lands, Asia is also home to a plethora of palate satisfying and thirst quenching dishes that speaks of a many stories. Tales from the yesteryears and traditions from our forefathers bear witnesses to the many Asian dishes that has slowly taken the world by storm. And Anthony Bourdain agrees — wholeheartedly agrees, at that.

Asian Cow is Davao’s newest dining place. Located meters away from its other halves — Fat Cow and Dairy — Asian Cow is the brainchild of Patrick Co, one of Davao’s best known chefs. With his knack for innovation and fusion of dishes from regions across the globe, you can expect nothing but the best from Asian Cow. Even before it opened its doors to the public, Asian Cow has been well-anticipated by locals and foreigners alike.

On their menu are  crowd favourites that will surely have you chowing in an instant. It’s basically an Asian menu. And how do we like our food? Palate satisfying and retina appetising. Not to mention, olfactory enticing. In short, sensical. Yes, sensical dishes that foretells of a story we’ve experienced.

Enjoy a plate of Asian Cow Fried chicken after a long day or make a memorable lasting experience with Asian Cow’s Angus beef and basil spring rolls that’s crispy savoury to the core. Remember an Indonesia fling with their US Angus grain fed beef cheek curry and you’d certainly feel like walking the streets of Bandung in a snap. Or enjoy some stir fried rice noodles in tamarind glaze as you whisper sweet nothings to your significant other over dinner. Oh the love affair of food and memories — priceless, lasting and forever.

Asian Cow has an Asian progressive menu — new additions are expected once in a while to further the palate of an experience every single time. And their servings? Oh they are holding nothing back. Everything is perfect for sharing. Now that’s something to always look forward to.

Asian Cow is located at 1020 Mabini place, Corner Quirino and Mabini St., Brgy. 9, Davao City

TRC Speaks: I love anything and everything about Asia. And the first thing I look forward to after a long sojourn abroad? The food that reminds me of everything about the place I just explored. Asian Cow is one perfect dining hub to travel back and be reminded of why Asia is a definite food and foodie hub of the world. Minus the long lines at the immigration, that is. If in the mood to travel but has no long weekend to spare, Asian Cow will have you travelling in an instant. Thank you, Patrick for always satisfying my food and travel craving.

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Happy eating, royalistas!