All Day Breakfast and a View

LIFE is all about the many exciting details that make for a best holistic experience. Most often we do not enjoy the totality of life and focus our attention to a detail — or two — and generalise it as life per se. No matter how we see, live and experience life, let us not be blinded by the hurdles and challenges we encounter. Instead, leave them behind and make the best out of the rest. And that includes giving in to our cravings.

Like Jack’s Ridge — the foremost scenic spot in the metro that lets you enjoy a panoramic view of the city and at the same time, dine with a plethora of food choices all in one place. Not to mention, the many other activities you can do when visiting.

And yes, that includes a time well spent at Karlo’s Gourmet and Coffee. Known as their in-
house cafe and cake shop, it has been a favorite after dinner dessert and coffee or tea
destination. Well, that will remain to be. And with the addition of their all day breakfast staples on the menu, it will grow to be a most sought after foodie place with a view — without the need to travel far.

They already have a distinctive menu. What Chef Karlo Mercado did was enhance their current tasty offerings and added something new to their repertoire of flavours. An all day breakfast menu is but a perfect addition that communicates beyond a mere craving. And an all day breakfast menu reminds us of beautiful beginnings anytime of any day.

Start the day with a jolt of cold tropical overnight oats that’s packed with the freshest sliced tropical fruits on top of milky soaked oats that’s perfect for an any kind of day.

Bagel in the morning? Their Smoked Salmon Bagel Sandwich is your best bet. Tasty bagel
sandwich filled with smoked salmon, cream cheese, tomatoes and salad greens with orange
balsamic vinaigrette served with crispy sweet potatoes on the side — a mouthful but one
mouthful you’d love to munch on.

Smoked Salmon Bagel Sandwich

Want a robust flavoured breakfast to up the ante? Their Chorizo Skillet is just what you need. Or you can always go all out with their of honey cured bacon strips with egg, hash browns,sauteed shiitake mushroom, tomato and toasted french bread with butter and a dollop of strawberry jam. Like a full English breakfast if you must.

Chorizo Skillet
Karlo’s Full Breakfast

Carbo loading? Their Waffles and Chicken, French Toast with Banana and Pancakes will have you smiling with glee.

French Toast with Banana

My ultimate? Pancakes of course. Just imagine a plate of the fluffiest pancakes served with
whipped butter and maple syrup on any day. Heaven on a plate, indeed.

For the coffee kick you need, indulge on their Kape Langka, Mangosteen Kapeccino, Guyabano Coffee Freeze, Durian Coffee Gelato or Kape Marang.

They also have Breakfast Bruschetta, Morning Croissant and Daing na Bangus.

Karlo’s Gourmet & Coffee (Karlo’s Cafe) is located at Jack’s Ridge, Shrine Hills, Davao City.They open at 8 am.

TRC Speaks: For someone who loves breakfast meals all day, every day, Karlo’s is the perfect dining place to visit. Aside from the panoramic view of the city, the location is very serene and calming that you’d not want to leave. Menu wise, my kryptonite, pancakes and french toast, are nothing but perfection! No exaggeration; Just pure sarap.

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