Patrick Co’s Soulful CULINARY Escapes

Do it with passion or not at all — a cliché, yes, but a cliché that holds true for all of its sense. True enough, in life, we need to do it and do it with passion. And for Davao’s Chef Patrick Co, passion is a driving fuel that pushes him to explore, experiment and make a difference in everyone’s palate.

Chef Patrick Co is one of Davao’s youngest culinary geniuses. Having had his diploma from the Center for Asian Culinary Studies (CACS) – Davao and mentored by some of the country’s best Culinary masters, case in point: Chef Gene Gonzales at its helm, Chef Patrick truly has a most adventurous kitchen background that he uses every time he cooks at any of his restaurants.

Case in point: Fat Cow, Asian Cow and Dairy — located within walking distance from each other.

With three delicious restaurants under his culinary helm, one would be surprised of the diverse flavours each brings to the palate. If clean, bold and satisfying is what you seek, then Fat Cow is the place to be. If a trip down the streets and the rich, aromatic taste of Asia is what you are craving for, then Asian Cow will keep you on your toes with every bite. Cakes and all that is sweet is what Dairy is all about.

For Chef Patrick, cooking does not need to have any limitation. “Go ahead and experiment but do not sacrifice the flavours of the ingredients you are using to create a dish”, he shared. True, play as much as you want but never disregard the innate sweetness, tartness, bitterness or spice of the ingredients you are using.

Surprisingly, with Chef Patrick, nothing seems to escape from his eyes.. or palate, if you may. He has this way of bringing ingredients come to life. He mixes and matches them in a way that allows you to experience something new. He plays with the senses and unfolds its gustatory mysteries as you take a bite. Indeed, he has this amazingly soulful way of making you crave even while you are eating the dish.

Take Chef Patrick’s Spicy Tuna Maki — for the most part, has that typical taste and texture of any other maki. His spicy tuna maki is to-die-for. Literally melts once it hits your palate. Personally, I love that despite the layers and textures, you can still dissect the ingredients used and enjoy a symphony.

Chef Patrick loves his meat and boy, does he have the most amazing of amazing meat dishes on his repertoire. His slow braise lamb shank in extra virgin olive oil on a bed of rosemary mashed potato is heaven! Just plain heaven. The exquisite marriage of flavours and textures is like a beautiful sin you would want to keep doing.

Personally, I’ve had my fair share of love at first bite at his restaurants. Too many to mention, a recent love affair began with his Hickory Angus beef short ribs with cold macaroni salad on the side – the simplicity of this dish is what makes this stand out. The interplay and levels allow your palate to identify the spices he used and fall in love as you take a bite after another. The combination of meat, cold side and drippings is just perfection to the core.

Truly, one of the city’s most recognizable and youngest culinary geniuses, Chef Patrick Co does what is best – cook what you desire without you even knowing it. And with him, nothing is ‘usual’. There is always, always new on his repertoire…something that triggers event the pickiest of eater. Pass the rice please.