Somewhere in Cotabato

Most often, the notion of comfort becomes too boring to comprehend. The familiarity, though close to the heart, tends to bend and urge the senses to go forth and explore. This is very true for foodie’s who crave, crave and crave even more. And that goes on a regular basis.

Personally, as a foodie, comfort means flavours that make me miss home… or reminds me of home. Nothing in particular but something that ignites my senses to wander and be open to possibilities that every bite presents.  In all of its essence, familiarity is the nothingness that allows for everything to be possible.

A recent trip at #OONCotabato reunited my palate to their menu. Their menu is packed – with familiar dishes that has, for a time, crossed my flavour-palate-tongue and senses. More so, reignited my strong love for the restaurant, their food and everything that separates them from the rest. I just love the familiarity that welcomed I and my ultimate foodie buddies – Dad and Mama.

Like the menu of #OON in Davao, #OONCotabato has the expressions of travel in every bit of their menu. As aforementioned, the restaurant is the product of travels, explorations and of course, food samplings from all over the globe. With a background as vast and collective as that, no one can deny the greater satisfaction that it brings to the palate.

Just like the food at Out of Nowhere. With branches sprawled all over Davao and Cotabato city, nowadays, nothing can hinder the self in experiencing the vast possibilities of flavours that only Out of Nowhere delivers. For someone who calls both Davao and Cotabato City home, this is but a perfect genie in a bottle moment…every single time.

Pomelo Salad Ohhlala
This is beyond words! The mixture of tangy, sweet and sour on the sauce makes this all the more delish. The addition of pomelo, cucumber pieces, green mango slices and sliced greens give that instant crunch that encourages the palate to crave even more. Overall, the combination speaks of volume – beautiful volume, that is. This is Mama’s newest fave.

Skewered Chicken Goodness
#OON has the best selection of skewered chicken and of course, best tasting. The selection makes you look forward to your every visit. From sweet Asian to salsa verde and the Malaysian satay, nothing compares to their skewered choices. Not to forget, their servings are all big and perfect for sharing.

Chili con Nachos Supreme
This is an ultimate and inevitable personal favorite. I have raved about this and yes, the feelings remain the same. The deconstructed peg allows you to control the intensity of flavour and texture. The combination of which varies accordingly thus making your palate look forward to a new experience.

Seafood Chowder All the Way
The perfect soup to chow down on any given day and time, #OONCotabato gave the palate a most familiar reception. From the presentation to the taste, this was perfection in every slurp. Daddy, like me, was raving about this even after we left. And yes, the bread makes a best plate and bowl cleaner – wink wink!

Out of Nowhere Cotabato is located at Don Andres Alonzo street, Penafrancia, Cotabato City