Fried-yay Faves

8The world tells you who you are until you tell the world. For most of us, castrated as the very definition of how the world perceives and sees us is but the most unfair thing in the span of our lifetime. Do we forego the assumption or prove otherwise? Whichever way we take, the definition will forever be a part of our lives.

Consider food. Once a fried favourite, remains to be a fried favourite. Sometimes forgetting that there is more to an ingredient than its predecessor. So, how does one sway away from the usual? Mix and match, people.

Chicken & Chops The Fried Food House is a fast casual restaurant inspired by two popular food items —- fried chicken and fried pork chops. Always a crowd favo, these two are like the salt and pepper of the menu. Have them on board and you are sold. And that means everyone on your restaurant.

Perfect comfort food for palate indulgence, a fried chicken or fried chops a day truly makes the nega vibes go away, away. How do you like them then? For a classic vanilla like me, I like my deep fried Southern style fried chicken served with thick gravy, coleslaw and fries. Heaven.

At Chicken & Chops, you’d be treated to a number of fried food choices. Tweaked for that oomph factor we all crave and yearn for, what they have is an escape from the usual. Though basically banking on chicken, fish and chops, they made it exciting by adding sides and a selection of dips to suit anyone’s taste.

Instead of gravy, others prefer glaze on top of their fried picks. At Chicken and Chops, they have four glaze choices to suit anyone’s cup of tea — the playful marriage of honey bagoong, acidly pacifying citrus honey, asian favo teriyaki and foodie’s bff Korean bean paste. Feeling adventurous? Mix ‘em.

What compliments fried food? Rice, of course. Others like the crunch from fries while some go for the enigmatic swirl of coleslaw in every bite. Personally, one other best fried food companion is freshly cooked buttermilk waffle with maple syrup. Oh and some soft, freshly baked dinner rolls made with potato starch. Now, I’m getting all hungry.

Now, we need not wait for an occasion to savour some soulful fried goodness. Indeed, any day is fried-day!

Chicken & Chops also serve fish and chips, calamari and chicken wings. Balancing the interplay of flavours in the palate, they also serve donut holes with caramel sauce, cheesecake and ice cream sandwiches —btw, the ice cream are homemade.

Chicken & Chops is located at Damosa Business Center, Damosa, Lanang, Davao City.