Gentle Maaruga Hands 

Every day is a journey to a new you.

When life gets busy, pamper. Relax and have time…correction, make time for the self. Not only will you help loosen tight muscles and aesthetically beautify the self, relaxing also furthers one’s mental health thus prompting balance.

How do you strike balance? From simply smiling to taking some off time from the world wide web to letting go of everyday stress through a relaxing time at the salon or facial centre, the world is truly one’s playing field in terms of growing from inside and out. Of whatever option you choose depends on the severity of your need.

For most, the quiet confines of a spa equates to comfort. Beyond the services, a day – or night – at a spa invigorates the self to a more positive and holistic level. The feeling of being re-charged is also a big factor in considering the right spa centre to go.

So, what makes a spa one for the books?

One, welcoming. Above all, it must be welcoming. Not red-carpet-welcoming but a warm embrace that makes you want to sit down, relax and let everything slide. More so, the interiors and colour scheme also add up to the X-factors. Imagine the tropics – lush greens, clear white background and the smell of tropics just within your reach.

We wanted everything to tie up with our concept of a spa”, said Ferizza Aileen Baja-Castro during the opening of Maaruga. True enough, Maaruga exemplifies a posh and relaxing ambiance that instantly extracts your worries as you step inside.

The story behind? Castro and her business partner, Celine Sarah Derequito-Bautista wants a spa that’s very them. “A spa that speaks of us, to us and with us. A spa where people can relax and not worry about anything. And of course, a spa that is very local and supports the many local products and services we have”, she added.

One best Maaruga feature? Their revitalising set of Aromatherapy Oil Scents: Pomelo, Sampaguita and Iced Coconut.

Two, tailor fitted to your needs. With our busy schedule, we want everything to just be in one place. For Maaruga, services are designed for the well-being of the clients. “Well, Maaruga is very maaruga. We want our clients to be happy so we created a set of services that most spa-goers go for”, Castro shared.

Maaruga services include their Signature Maaruga Massage, Twinning with two therapists soothing your body at the same time and Foot Rejuvenation.

Three, value for money. With today’s economy, many frown upon spending on something that they think is a splurge… or a luho, to say the least.  “Our price point is almost the same as that in the city… but, our services …beyond the value we charge”, Castro enthusiastically shared.

True enough, Maaruga is very affordable and something that you would want to keep coming back to. Beyond relaxation, Maaruga lives up to its name of being nurturing and caring all at once.

Maaruga Spa is located at Uncle Mark building, Quimpo Boulevard, Ecoland in Davao City.