The Starbucks Christmas Tradition

Holidays, holi-yeys! Every year, coffee giant Starbucks Philippines never fails to make everyone extra excited for the holidays.

The Starbucks Christmas Traditions has now become part of the Filipino yuletide season. With our knack for a cup of hot or cold caffeine fix, Starbucks made sure that every cup doesn’t go unnoticed.

 This year, Starbucks has two amazing products — the 2019 Planner and the Travel Organizer. Each piece is aimed at inspiring us to create, express and remember every bit of our year.

 The Starbucks 2019 Planner comes in two different colours — Espresso and Milk. The planner’s cover features a canvas finish with metallic gold and copper stamping. The Planner comes with a Canvas Pouch (yellow for the espresso and teal for the milk), a limited edition Starbucks Card and Beverage Vouchers inside.

 And to the newest addition to their Christmas Traditions, Starbucks made sure that travelling is elevated a notch higher. The Starbucks 2019 Travel Organizers, like the planners, come in two different colours: Sienna and Dark Teal.

 More like a pouch, the organizer has a sleek, classic design that can keep valuables and memories safe. Inside, it has a smooth leather finish, pockets and inserts and space that can fit our phones, passports and other travel necessities. Each travel organizer comes with a notebook and a Special Edition Starbucks Card.

 Also this year, Starbucks introduces four new Special Editions Starbucks Card —Coffee Cup Marks Card, Siren’s Crown Card, Siren’s Hand Card and Siren’s Tail Card. Each card is inspired by the “mystery of the Siren” and has a minimum activation amount of P500.

 The promo begins November 2, 2018 and ends January 7, 2019. Customers may collect stickers (for promo cards) and e-stickers (for Starbucks Philippines App) within said period. One (1) sticker is awarded for any Tall, Grande or Venti Starbucks® handcrafted beverage purchase.

Promo cards can be claimed, for free, at any Starbucks branch. 18 stickers for a Starbucks 2019 Planner or Starbucks 2019 Travel Organizer. You cannot mix e-stickers and physical paper stickers for redemption of planner or travel organizer. Redemption begins November 2 until March 8, 2019 (subject to availability at the Starbucks branch)