Eat lucky at SM

The dawn of the Chinese New Year may be over but that doesn’t mean the feasts and fun that bring in good fortune have to stop.

We love to eat and have many reasons for it—attracting luck is one, as influenced by Chinese-Filipino culture.

In this article, Chef Rolando Llido III names auspicious food items that are good for our tummy and for bringing in good feelings and luck. Chef Rolando is the vice chairman of 2018’s Davao Culinary Cup, the biggest culinary competition in Mindanao which happens in SM Lanang Premier annually.

Foodies, take note. SM Lanang Premier is home to lucky food and bites.

Steamed Fish

Fish is believed to increase prosperity, Chef Rolando says. Steamed catfish, pompano or grouper is usually served whole—and never flipped over during eating. Get your fix at Marina Tuna, Second Level Sky Garden.


“Dumplings are believed to bring more wealth for the incoming year, but they have to be served in a specific manner,” Chef Rolando says. Dumplings should be arranged in straight lines instead of circles. According to traditional Chinese belief, circles of dumplings are supposed to mean one’s life will go round in circles, never going anywhere. Head over to Harbour City in the Upper Ground Level or Hap Chan in the Second Level for delicious dumplings. Want more? Panda Shabu Shabu in the Food Hall, Second Level serves a wide range of dumplings.

Sticky Rice Cake

Tikoy, of sticky rice cake, is believed to bring higher income/position for the incoming year. “It is also believed to make families closer together,” Chef Rolando says. Shop in SM Supermarket for a range of tikoy varieties, including snack bites like the tikoy turon!


Noodles are believed to bring happiness and longevity. Noodles can be served in variety of styles—whether in soup or stir fried. Enjoy the long strands with your loved ones in Mandarin or in Modern Hong Kong in the Third Level. Tien Ma’s in the Northwing also serves fantastic stir fried seafood noodles.


Round Citrus Fruits symbolize fullness and wealth. “They are believed to bring good luck and fortune because they are homophones with Chinese words for success. The more you eat, the more wealth comes your way. Also, fruits are packed with vitamins and are good for your health,” Chef Rolando says. Shop in SM Supermarket for round fruits.

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