Basking under the GenSan sun

Vacations need not be grand – luxurious even. An unplanned trip to the mall, beach or to a resort is but a most wonderful vacation that allows everyone to enjoy and leave all the worries of work behind. And in General Santos city, water plays an integral role in making everyone happy.

Today, many notable resorts cater to locals and tourists who include GenSan on their list of must visit places when in Mindanao. Before it became the tuna capital of the country, GenSan has been known for its many beautiful beaches and resorts. Of which, many travel to the city to experience a different basking-under-the-sun-high. From families to groupies, many find the GenSan water scene rejuvenating and relaxing. 

Barangay San Isidro, General Santos city has been making waves with the newest addition of a farm resort that has been a favourite by many. From the onset, Kay-zoe Farm Resort looks like a typical resort but as you explore and widen your horizon, you’d find that it’s basically surrounded with fruit bearing trees and a vast corn and rice field that adds to its already beautiful façade. Aside from that, the resort farm also features a number of fish pen to the delight of the visitors. 

Kay-zoe Farm Resort boasts of a big enough pool that can accommodate a number of people all at the same time. All around, you’d be treated to a colourful surrounding that ignites a spark of happiness to the eyes. More so, the farm resort has a handful of cottages all around conveniently situated along the sides of the pool for easy access.

Owned and managed by Sarangani Province Provincial Jail officer, Bosoy Sales, and his wife, Marilou Barrera Sales, Kay-zoe Farm Resort provides a relaxing ambiance that’s very homey and familiar. What was once a retirement place for the couple has since been open to the public to enjoy. 

Truth be told, vacations need not be expensive nor needs a plane ticket to be memorable. Gather the fam and peers and enjoy basking under the GenSan sun at the newest farm resort that will surely be your next favourite destination. Kay-zoe Farm Resort is located at Prk. Masunurin Brgy. San isidro, General Santos City