Eat to experience and experience to eat.

True, to eat is but a necessity. But to eat intelligently is an art in itself. To say the least, it is enabling the palate and the self to savour and enjoy the food in parts and yes, in its entirety. It is allowing the self to explore by giving in to temptation and accepting of the calories that comes with it.

Not many food places in the city will allow your palate to go beyond the usual flavour pairings. For most, it’s masarap, yes, but quickly ends there. But there are those who’ll make you crave even when you are already eating a piece of their dish.

Run by five cousins (Lawrence Galang (Operations), Jimmu Yoshida (Chef), Karina Cadiogan (Marketing), Katrina Munar  (Arts and Crafts) and  Kenji Caday (Procurement)) whose penchant for great coffee, delish food, arts and crafts fused into a delicious concept store that has since become a favourite chill place for Dabawenyos and visitors. Spark is truly one of the most delectably beautiful places to visit in the city. Its quaint interior makes it even more attractive — it has that rustically serene ambiance that’s very inviting to the senses. Captivating would be an understatement.

For most, the cafe is one that’s very typical — ordinary, even. However, as you step inside and imbibe the surroundings, you’d feel a certain spark that’s too hard to miss.

SPARK started as a small cafe that initially offered coffee, sandwiches and waffles, with a crafts corner that sold hard-to-find calligraphy tools, pens, and stationery. Today, Spark has evolved into a haven of anything you would want in a cafe. Adding to that, the crafts corner has also gotten bigger to accommodate handicrafts and stationery items from other local crafters from Davao.

Menu wise, it now offers a wider array of food and drinks. It has expanded its menu to serve rice meals, pasta and more beverages, while also keeping their bestselling items like their Frenchees, Banana and Blueberry Waffles, and Lasagna to name a few. Oh and not to forget, their chunky cheesy version of monte cristo sandwich that’s simply divine.

At Spark, don’t be afraid to explore their menu. It goes from sweet to savoury to something peculiarly familiar but not quite. The distinction in taste is prevalent hence enabling you to experience something new every time you visit. Their dishes have this impeccable balance of texture, taste and flavour that makes every forkful an adventure.

Spark Coffee + Crafts is located at Paseo Uno Building Ruby Street, Marfori Street, Davao City (across the Botanical Garden).