MCM Tech Bootcamp:A look into the future world

Technology driven life – 21st century in a nutshell. True enough, our lives have become slaves of technology. From a single swipe to a multitude of clicks, everything becomes possible with the presence and advancement of technology.  

Recently, Malayan Colleges Mindanao (MCM) held an interactive Tech Boot Camp which attracted 75 students from Davao and nearby cities.  

Abigail Joy Rodelas-Angelia, MCM Dean of the College of Arts and Science and Director of the Learning Environments and Innovations, said that the purpose of the activity is for students to be able to experience the use of the new robotics equipment called Arduino CTC101 and the LJCreate.   

For MCM executive vice president and chief operations officer, Engr. Dodjie S. Maestrecampo, the acquisition of C&E MAKERCE, Arduino, and LJCreate equipment is “a testimony of MCM’s commitment to provide its students world-class, excellent, and relevant tools for active learning.  

MCM students will be much benefited by being the first in the Philippines to utilize these tools to enhance even further their critical thinking, creativity, and collaborative skills”.  

Malayan Colleges Mindanao (MCM) has forged a partnership with C&E Educational Solutions Group, Arduino, and LJCreate to become the first school in the Philippines to feature the Internet Of Things or iOT-enhanced Engineering construction kit and CTC101 Creative Technologies in its new Robotics Laboratory.  

The equipment will be used by MCM Senior High School, Engineering, and Computer Science students to bolster their skills in solving real-world problems using a combination of programming and design skills.  Maestrecampo further added the world-acclaimed active learning solutions are tailored to provide a comprehensive learning program for MCM students wherever they are in their educational journey towards learning STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) applications.  

During the MCM Tech Boot Camp, students were given kits and instructions to follow. At the end of the workshop, there were give a random contest that challenged their creativity and ability to collaborate with others.  

“It is a competition at the end of the workshop. Actually a challenge — a surprise to the students”, Rodelas-Angelia shared. “However, it is us who always end up surprised of the projects they come up with”, Rock Raymund Frias, Makerce Personal Storage Table (PSTS) Unit Head, said.  

For Frias, this kind of activity (workshop) is very experiential. “Not only do we allow them first dibs on the newest equipment and robotics tech, but we further encourage them to test their skills,” he said. Further, as Frias expounded, the experience is very future oriented that greatly motivates the participants to go beyond the present and anticipate for the future.  

Winners of the Tech Boot Camp are: Jhesso T. Daypuyart (11, Grade 6 Vines and Branches Montessori School), Andrei Josh A. Garcia (16, Grade 10 Philippine Science High School), Andre John C. Manliguez (16, Grade 10 Notre Dame of Makilala Inc.), Francis Gift Jhoy E. Paculanang (18 Panabo National High School), Armando B. Managbanag (18 Grade 11 Panabo National High School), Jaye Angelu Micole A. Tayanes (17 Grade 11 Panabo National High School), Arzelo D. Rivas (19 Grade 12 Panabo National High School) and Kent Jevee B. Fuentes (19 Grade 12 Davao Doctors College Inc).