Something old, Something new at Pizza Hut

There’s always something more to the usual. Case in point: chicken and orange on a pizza.

Whoever said chicken and orange do not go well together surely has not taken a bite off Pizza Hut’s newest menu addition.

Introducing the Orange Chicken pops pizza — a uniquely flavoured pan pizza with pieces of perfectly cooked chicken pops drizzled with succulent sweet and sour orange glaze. If that alone is not enough to have you craving for a slice, then you surely need to feed your palate some delish loving.

For someone who is used to the usual pizza flavours, this one is incredibly addicting. The aroma alone will have you excited in a snap. The taste, texture and the flavour combo is nothing you have tasted. Yes, we have had our moments with an orange chicken viand but having it on a pizza, it’s just plain heaven.

Personally, I love the variation of levels you get in every bite. The glaze, if you may, is just enough to coat the chicken pieces without soaking the crust. Once you take a bite, you’d be surprised of the subtle coating it leaves your buds. And the best part? It’s a pizza – you get a plethora of flavours in one bite.

Aside from their new pan pizza flavour, Pizza Hut also added some brand new nibbles on their menu. For the soup lover (like I am!), their bowl of chunky tomato soup is to-die-for. The soup, though served with croutons, pairs well with their cheesy thins — it’s like pizza but thinner! The moment you dip the thins on the soup, expect an explosion of flavour combinations on your mouth. This is comfort at its best.

For me, I go to Pizza Hut not only for their pizza but for the other nibbles on their menu. A self-confessed tater tots lover, their plate of deep-fried tots are nothing but pleasure pleasers for me. Also on their menu is cheesy pesto pretzel (which by the way, will make you order for another plate in a snap) and sausage rolls. The marinara sauce served with these appetizers also adds a new depth on the already savoury poppers.

Who isn’t always craving for pasta? A friend once told me that he can eat pasta for days — and believe me, he eats pasta more than twice in a week. Pizza Hut’s pasta selection has increasingly grown in years and this time, they have again added something new — Chicken Italian Pasta salad and the Bacon mac and cheese.

Pizza Hut opens a new dine and delivery store at the G/F KCCC Marbel, South Cotabato.