Davao Doctors Hospital: MILESTONE AT 50

FIFTY years of caring for life is not just an ordinary milestone. For Davao Doctors Hospital (DDH), commemorating its golden year is a fleeting celebration of life beyond the corners of the hospital.

“At 50, DDH is increasing the pace of change,” DDH President and CEO Raymund CS Del Val said in The Pulse, the DDH official publication.

“Reaching its golden year, Davao Doctors Hospital continues to prosper far beyond the vision casted by its founders. The idea they have started has been forged into a great legacy — a distinguished institution built to last,” Del Val added.

Original Incorporators were Augusto Abela, Juan Belisario Jr, Rodrigo Casino, Valeriana Castillo, Honorio de la Cruz, Jose Gantioqui (first President and Medical Director, 1969), Luisitio Guanlao, Honorio Hilario, Benigno Magpantay, Gerino Pangan, Pacita Sanvicente, Crisostomo Serrano Jr, Leonides Sicat, Herminio Villano Sr and Amador Villanueva.

Providing excellent medical services and state of the art medical facilities, DDH has emerged as Davao’s premier healthcare and medical institution. Its commitment to provide the best services in Mindanao, according to Del Val, is a motivation to face industry challenges head on.

For its 50th anniversary, DDH has several activities lined-up. On July 1 at the hospital lobby, DDH unveiled its anniversary logo, launched a coffee table book (Kaleidoscope) and saw the switching of the lighting of the hospital’s façade.

A 20-minute AVP showcased its journey for fifty years – shown through the eyes of real life giants (stories of its original incorporators). The AVP was produced by Luisita Dumlao.

Efigenia E. Galacio, Accounting Clerk for 30 years, also reminisced her years in the company. “My first and last employment,” she said. Galacio was employed from 1980 – 2010.

At the beginning of the year, DDH launched its premier episode of the MedTalk Series last January and by September, DDH will be hosting the first ever Healthcare HR Congress. In December this year, the company’s Golden Ball will take place.

As a form of giving back to the community, DDH, in collaboration with Balik Alay Foundation Inc., also has a number of corporate social activities lined up for 2019: Anniversary Free Clinic, Medical Mission, Singkwentree: A Mangrove-planting Activity, Balik Pasasalamat and Donation Drives.

Anniversary Logo
The anniversary logo exhibits three colours that best represent DDH’s existence.

“The colour yellow is a representation of our existing logo, while the circle represents our unwavering commitment of providing accessible and quality healthcare to the Davao community,” Mirasol Tiu, Vice President for HR and Admin explained.

Dark green, according to Tiu, represents the people behind DDH — founders, doctors, hospital staff and stakeholders. Up close, the logo shows a bigger person extending his hands to a smaller [person]. This, she said, signifies its readiness to give a helping hand to those in need.

The light green, depicted as a smaller person, then represents the patients. Its extended arms represent its long-standing relationship with its patient and their families. “We are partners in taking care of their health for the rest of their life,” Tiu explained.

The interconnected big and small persons, forming a heart shape, symbolises love. To love means to care and DDH’s Brand of Care truly goes beyond a patient’s stay at the hospital. It, Tiu said, encompasses a lifetime. “This is because we truly and deeply Care for Life,” Tiu shared.

Kaleidoscope: Celebrating the Colors of Life, Vibrant Stories of Hope and Love in Davao Doctors Hospital

“As we celebrate our 50th-year anniversary, we would like to share with you this collection of heart warming and vibrant stories of Hope and Love,” DDH Corporate Communications Bam Basan-Anino shared.

The book, she said, is a collection of 50 stories captured over the years – stories from patients, their families and DDH employees.

“These are stories of overcoming health challenges, who found love within the hospital and lived to share the experience,” Anino said.

State-of-the-art digital imaging equipment and Cath Lab

For its anniversary, DDH introduced three new digital imaging equipment — Computer Tomography Scan (CT Scan), Mammogram and the Catherization Laboratory (Cath Lab).

The CT scan has a 256 slice, dual energy, and dual source capability thus providing better image resolution and less exposure to radiation. Meanwhile, the Mammography performs a lesser painful tomosynthesis and stereotactic breast biopsy.

On the other hand, the Cath Lab features an advanced digital 3D imaging technology is expected to provide a more refined imaging especially on veins.