Lee Celebrates 130th Anniversary: Reignites its Grocery Heritage

This year, Lee celebrates the 130th year of the brand’s spirit of never stop moving – turning imagination to reality by crafting well structured, fashionable yet versatile classic pieces.

To make it an occasion to remember, Lee brings the fans a year’s worth of special drops and promotions. The anniversary celebration brings back its iconic cowboy mascot Buddy Lee, collaborates with trendsetting fashion brands, including Readymade, Neighborhood & N.Hoolywood, etc at pop-up stores with collectibles and exclusive anniversary merchandise, excites our consumers with endless surprises.

You would not want to miss this opportunity for photos and coming close to these Buddy Lees. The 130th anniversary pop-up store tour will kick off in Manila, Philippines and make its way through China, Japan, Thailand and the Hong Kong to make it a remarkable one.

Refreshing the Grocery Legacy

You probably not aware that the H.D Lee Mercantile company was a sourced grocery back in 1889. As a wholesale distributor from around the world, the H.D. Lee Mercantile Company was later transformed to a master of denim wear. The pop-up store concept for the 130th anniversary reminds fans of Lee’s roots and pays tribute to the legacy. The concept of the pop-up store was built to allow visitors to immerse themselves into the past and feel the vibes of Lee as an innovative company that moves with time and style.

To celebrate this significant milestone of Lee, upon any purchase, customers will receive a well-crafted gift which replicated from actual items sold in Lee grocery shops. They are specially made for the anniversary and are not for sale. These limited edition products include mugs, foldable chairs, tin bottles and tote bags all stored and displayed in Lee’s grocery storage.

Buddy Lee X Seven Thrilling Collaborations

Aside from the special anniversary merchandise, Lee proudly announces its exhibition of Buddy Lee that will be collaborating with seven of some of the hottest fashion labels today: READYMADE, NEIGHBORHOOD, N.HOOLYWOOD, MADNESS, GrowthRing & Supply, WIND AND SEA, and FDMTL. Each label tailor designed outfits for Buddy Lee by applying their own killer signature brand style.

The first Buddy Lee dressed in a Lee overall was created in 1920 and displayed as an advertising mascot at the window of the Dayton Company Department store on Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Buddy Lee quickly caught the public’s attention and became a hugely successful collector’s item that was hard to collect during the 1920s-60s. Bringing back Buddy Lee through this collaboration with seven different fashion brands at once demonstrates again Lee’s enthusiastic spirit of never stops evolving with style and dares for new challenges.

Every crossover brings a strong element of style which boldly combines its personal touch to the classic Buddy Lee mascot. From vintage to military, cowboy look to streetwear, Lee is beyond excited to launch this showcase and took the chance to sit down with each of the designers to discuss their concept for this upcoming collaboration.

Each Buddy Lee will be displayed in their own special window cabinet for fans to get the closest view of each designer’s work of art.

The Lee 130th anniversary pop-up store and exhibition will be held from October 1, 2019 to October 13, 2019 at SM Makati, Level 1 & 2. Make sure to not miss the chance to witness many of the special first times Lee is putting on. To wrap up the event, a lineup of Lee’s newest Fall/Winter 2019 collection featuring iconic designs and patterns will be available on display.

Lee – Over 130 years of Denim Craftsmanship since 1889

Lee is one of the world’s most iconic signatures of quality, innovation and denim craftsmanship. Following the establishment of the H.D. Lee Mercantile Company by Henry David Lee in Kansas, U.S., in 1889, Lee starts on its journey to becoming a legendary denim brand. Over the years, Lee has made history with its many product innovations such as the world’s first-ever zip fly jeans – the 101Z in 1926, the iconic Hair-on- hide leather label and the Lazy S back pocket stitching. From the launch of the 1st Lee bib overalls to the 13oz 101 cowboy jeans, Lee has demonstrated an undying passion for innovation, and has transformed itself from a practical and durable work-wear maker to a contemporary and trend setting fashion giant.