Condo Christmas: Less is more

Filipinos are by nature resilient. Coming off disasters like the recent earthquakes, it doesn’t take a while to dust off and rise up again. Just like that, things are back to normal.

With Christmas just around the corner, that little condominium space one calls home deserves not fright for earthquakes but Christmas spirit and love.

Aeon Luxe Properties, the developer of Davao City’s first tallest skyscraper project–the 33-level Aeon Towers–comes up with some ideas for a very condo Christmas.

Think about this. Condo owners know when the holiday season comes around, it can be hard to get too excited about decorating your home — because let’s face it, even putting up a tree can take up too much space. We often picture cold, starry nights, twinkle lights and glistening, white snow when we think of the holiday season. Indoors, there’s an image of a dancing fire, while wrapped in a blanket and sipping hot chocolate. These scenes definitely evoke the quintessential holiday season.

However, it might be difficult to envision this special time of year if living in a condo, but with good planning – anything is possible. 

Small space? No problem. This is where creativity comes into play. Give that condo the much-needed festive vibe and make it a great place to go home to during the holidays. Don’t let that small space hold you back and let your imagination flow. The key is one’s commitment to making it beautiful, festive and celebration-ready.

Aeon Luxe suggests these some helpful Christmas condo decoration ideas:

  1. Make use of your walls
    Avoid overcrowding your limited floor space and make use of your walls instead. Try hanging lights, images or other holiday décor over your walls and windows.
  2. Buy a smaller tree
    We all want to put up a Christmas tree — just make sure it doesn’t take up your entire living space. Try trees that are four-feet tall (or smaller) for condos with low ceilings, and slim trees for condos with higher ceilings. Go with the one that fits your space best, rather than finding the biggest tree in the lot.
  3. No room for a tree?
    Surround your home with other types of green! If a tree makes your space too crowded, bring in a natural Christmas smell (we suggest candles), and other greenery like holly or wreaths.
  4. Still no room for green?
    If you have limited space or just one room, a wall tree is a great way to add some festive decor. A DIY wall tree will allow you to show off a few of your favourite ornaments without taking up floor space.
  5. Purchase pre-lit decor items
    These items have fewer cords and can make your smaller space seem less cluttered. Pre-lit garlands, trees and wreathes are all good options.
  6. Add color with accent pieces
    Try decor with a neutral base that won’t overwhelm your space. From here, add pops of colour with accent pieces like pillows, vases or curtains.
  7. Less is more
    Focus your decor in one area — like a tree or table settings — instead of trying to cover everything with Christmas colours. This will create a more spacious and relaxing holiday look.
  8. Don’t worry about the lack of a fireplace
    Philippine condos rarely have fireplaces, but this doesn’t mean you can’t recreate fireplace decorations. Create a “faux mantle” by decorating a coffee table with garlands and hanging stockings on the side. You can also hang your stockings on the wall to create a focal point.
  9. Don’t forget your balcony
    Leverage the balcony by adding a small tree or extra lights to add more colour outside the home. By using the same colour palette, the balcony area can feel like an extension of your interior.
  10. Put a wreath on it
    Put a wreath on your front door to make your guests feel extra welcome this season. It will also help create a sense of flow between your hallway and your living space.
     Remember, a small condo doesn’t mean you have to downsize your decorating. You can get creative with the little space you have. PR