More to give with coffee bean & tea leaf this holiday season

As with every coming holiday season, comes the new year, and every new year demands requires one to plan each new day right to go for their goals right at the get-go. And if you are looking to begin 2020 with a clear and right mindset, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s latest Giving Journal may be the right planner for you.

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In a simple event held at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf SM Lanang, CBTL introduced their-much anticipated 2020 edition of the Giving Journal.

Since 2011, The Coffee Bean & Tea Lead and the Real LIFE Foundation have been collaborating towards nation-building through empowering underprivileged youths. Every year, proceeds from the CBTL’s Giving Journal are given to Real LIFE Foundation, providing avenues for educational assistance, character formation, and leadership development.

In fact, through the years, Real LIFE Foundation together with CBTL were able to support 643 scholars, 65 of whom are from Mindanao.

Giving with style

As with CBTL’s Giving Journal tradition, each year’s planner is sleek and compact and empower the user to always be a better person by setting goals. Also part of each year’s journal are treats and discounts journal owners can avail throughout the year.

This year’s Giving Journal also departs from weekly grinds, giving more space for journal owners to express themselves. Even better, the journal includes a monthly feature on modern day stories about courage, with themes delving into the courage to take risks, courage to stand up for the truth, and more.

Supporting a sustainable lifestyle

Another key feature of the 2020 Giving Journal is its recyclability. After the year ends, the cover of the Giving Journal can be reused, saving much needed resources.

Of course, taking the sustainable lifestyle one step further, CBTL gives customers to choose to collect stamps for either the 2020 Giving Journal or The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf’s limited edition holiday tumblers.

The CBTL 2020 Giving Journal just takes 12 stamps while the limited edition tumblers can be redeemed for just 18 stamps.

Visit your nearest CBTL store today to start collecting to start the new year right.