Life in Transit with Cathay pacific

Many say a journey starts with a single footstep, but for the modern traveller, a journey often starts with choosing the right airline, and with Durianburg getting ever more international flights, more exotic destinations are easier to reach through bigger international hubs such as Singapore, Doha, and Hong Kong.

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While for some travellers, transit can be a tiring task, many of the legacy carriers servicing Davao have short transit times making connecting flights effortless. But there are some flights that require much longer layovers and I recently experienced that on a flight from Narita, Tokyo to Davao through Hong Kong.

Arriving shortly past midnight, many of Hong Kong International Airport’s (HKIA) stores are closed for the night, luckily, the terminal’s food court operates around-the-clock which was a relief as the pay lounge was already full.

Grabbing a midnight snack, I decided to do some work which made the hours go by quickly. The terminal’s fast internet and many charging areas made the stay bearable and by around six in the morning, many of the other food outlets start to open.

Business class transit in Hong Kong is even better especially when traveling with Cathay Pacific. With four lounges located in strategic locations in HKIA, guests travelling in First Class and Business Class can find a world of amenities to recharge, relax, or catch up on work.

On this trip, I decided to hang-out at The Deck where I was able to freshen up in one of the lounge’s elegant shower rooms complete with premium bath products and fluffy towels. A hot shower after a long day really does wonders. The short nap curled up in one of the napping pods also helped me cope with the hours of work I put in the early morning hours.

Food options at The Deck was vast with Cathay’s iconic Noodle Bar serving local Hong Kong classics like Wanton Noodles and Dimsum, plus regional and Asian specialties such as Sichuan dan dan noodles, Singapore Laksa, and Taiwanese beef noodles aside from fresh fruits, sandwiches, coffee and tea.

With a vibe more like the lounge of a five-star hotel, The Deck definitely makes guests feel at home with a warm and welcome touch.

I had wanted to explore the other three Cathay Pacific lounges but alas, I had to catch my flight home, but one thing is for sure, life in transit in Hong Kong is a fun travel experience.

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