Freedom of Change

Fatima D. Biston on Achieving Financial and Time Freedom

From ordinary to extraordinary — this is Fatima D. Biston in a nutshell. A self-made millionaire at a young age, Fatima established FWORLD, a direct selling company focused on distributing health and wellness products, and has since helped more than a hundred people achieve financial and time freedom. 

“I am ambitous and determined to step up beyond my comfort zone,” Fatima said. Her entrepreneurial skills were honed at an early age. Her lola’s little assistant, Fatima and her Lola Anita would sell homemade pineapple bread in their neighborhood with their trusty trisikad to earn extra. 

From humble beginnings, she realized that there really is more to just earning.

Her journey began when she was invited to attend a direct selling business back in college. “I fell in love with the concept of helping others achieve their financial and time freedom urged me to work hard and at the same time, be a helping hand to others who aim to live the life that they always wanted,” she shared.

Fatima has been in the networking industry for almost 15 years.

From leveraging a simple business concept, Fatima learned that one can achieve freedom — freedom from poverty, that is. “I grew up in a community where a lot of family broke up because of financial issues. And when I was in the Middle East,  I observed a number of OFW’s separating from their families because of “money”,” she said. She then thought of an opportunity to earn without the need to go abroad. 

Since the beginning, many have asked her why a direct selling company? To which Fatima firmly replies with a simple answer — A direct selling company or network marketing is the best opportunity for us to achieve our true freedom. 

“I am a testament of a self-made millionaire from the industry,” Fatima shares firmly. “From being a “mahiyain” at “nahihirapan magsalita”, I was able to develop myself into something that motivate others to aspire more in life,” she adds. 

She adds that in the said industry, if one continues to persever and be a good example (of being a distributor or even a company owner), numerous individuals would benefit from. 

FWORLD is a direct selling company engaged in the distribution of health and wellness. Primarily focusing on men and women energy booster and anti-aging products. 

Established on July 14, 2019, FWORLD now has over 200 loyal and determined Leaders. “I am for quality not quantity. And I am not here to compete. FWORLD is here to serve a greater purpose and that is we rise by lifting others,” Fatima said. 

FWORLD Leaders are comprised of individuals from class A to C — from janitors to managers aiming to earn. The Leaders, according to her, is a community of dreamers and achievers. 

Underestimated, Fatima and her Leaders took everything head on and continued to focus on. 

“It was not easy,” she shared. FWORLD went through challenges and hurdles but, according to her, they were able to overcome. “So far, everything is under control,” she said with an assuring smile. 

“Everyone has the right to stand up and be part of the entrepreneurship club. With FWORLD, I took a stand and saw a great opportunity to earn. I took that path and started to develop more on how to further the company I built,” she shared. 

Fatima said her mentor (whom she opted to not name) taught and influenced her when she decided to establish FWORLD. “Take care of your people- train them and learn from them.” 

Beyond monetary and financial freedom, FWORLD is a relationship business.  It is not only about earning millions but helping others achieve their financial goals. And for Fatima, mentorship is a vital part in growing  a business.

With a handful of people on deck, Fatima introduced H3RCULES — an energy booster product to the market that has since gained a positive response. 

“We have a large market for energy booster. The demand is huge, especially for families,” she said. 

Nowadays, our community is faced with issues involving time — no time for each other, that is. “I saw it as an opportunity hence H3RCULES was introduced,” she adds. “We need a top-up energy. We are not robots and with a fast paced lifestyle, we truly need an energy booster,” she explained. 

H3RCULES is a proprietary natural dietary food supplement that enhances vigor and energy specially made for men. An ultimate stamina booster, it guarantees optimum potency and yes, effectivity. 

FWORLD’s H3RCULES has recently been recognized by the 2019 Global Brand Awardee for Outstanding New Dietary Food Supplement Product. 

In reality, there is a big market that needs to be addressed. Our society is living and evolving so fast that some individuals opt to work 2-3 shifts in order to survive. And as such, we need something to boost our energy. 

Aside from its enhancing vigor and energy made for men, H3RCULES is very unique. 

Not only to enhance one’s sexual drive, H3RCULES  has 5 active ingredients — Pure Maca roots, L-Arginine, Horny Goat weeds, ginseng and ashitaba — that helps one stay focused at work and releases one from being lazy. 

“Some of my clients testify that they love the product because it helps them stay awake and alert,” she said. 

Though exclusive for men, Fatima shared that she has tried the product and loves it. 

“Yes, it can be used by women and helps one sleep well. And at the same time, once at work, it keeps one awake,” she shared. 

FWORLD is not just about business and earning. They also have a Corporate Social Responsibility program that extends across the country. The recent earthquake that hit Davao City and its neighboring cities, FWORLD extended help to the victims.  

“For years, every December or during my birthday , we conduct a feeding program to children and also to some inmates through a Pastor,” she shared. FWORLD is also planning to  collaborate with a foundation for children. Or, for Fatima, create a foundation for children. 

Indeed, earning an extra is a possibility that requires patience and dedication. And Fatima, at an early age, saw that and grabbed the opportunity. Nowadays, with FWORLD, she has helped more than a handful of individuals live a more comfortable life. 

“To all Filipinos dreaming of having a great life- join us. To all plain housewives want to have extra income – join our growing team. To all professionals having a hard time with their budget – join us and we will share with you financial awareness. To all “tambay”, no work, or looking for source of income – FWORLD can really help you. Let us do something new to our family,” Fatima said.

 “Excuse me, I will have to come up with an energy booster for women now,” she ended with a smile.