Skillful kids at SAIS

Every child is born with certain set of talents and skills. The tricky part is how to develop them.

These are the things that Stockbridge American International School (SAIS) aim to develop among children.

“In SAIS, we aim to develop the skills like leadership, integrity, open-mindedness, and stewardship,” said Dyan Joyce Bian Cortez, international consultant of SAIS in an interview.

It is believed that children learn best when the parents are there to support them and this is why SAIS has a program called Smartplay, which is open for six- month- old babies. It is a parent-child class wherein classes are done just like playing with the use of the school’s proprietary and licensed play equipment.

“In this program, the school uses a special play equipment for them and the program aims to nurture the baby’s development,” she said.

Cortez encouraged the parents to send their kids to SAIS as early as six months because the babies at this age are like sponges and absorb information very fast.

“That when you stimulate the baby’s brain and give them a very an optimal environment for learning they grow and developed quickly also. At SAIS we are the only school in Davao that have this special equipment and program that can cater to their age group. We’ve seen these babies grow since we started in 2004, all the way up to now, we’ve seen these kids grow and a lot of them are now teenagers and college,” she said.

SAIS really takes pride of its very special equipment, great learning environment, very competitive, innovative and research-driven curriculum.

Because children love to play together even Pre-K12 students can also enjoy these equipment.

“When they got to Kindergarten, they transitioned into really formal learning. This part serves as passing on the information to the student. At SAIS the students are encouraged to be active learners and to be in control with the things. It means that when we study a topic at SAIS children are encourage to do their own research, to learn about the topic,” Cortez said.

In K-12 program, the students of SAIA are active learners. They are in control of the things that they learned and they are hand-in-hand with the teachers.

Cortez said with this type of method the students are more interested and they have the ownership of their learning and retain the information better and the understanding of the topic is also deeper.

The highlight of the K-12 Program in SAIS is also the entrepreneurship classes. As early as kindergarten, the students are hone to become leaders, businessmen and entrepreneurs.

“They are taught with different skills based on their age. Our goal is at the end of the program, when they reach Grade 12, they will be confident entrepreneurs with the global mindset,” Cortez said.

In terms of the programs in SAIS, the children are really exposed to a variety of teaching methods that are research-back.

“We use a holistic approach not just academic focus but most importantly personality development,” Cortez said.

SAIS is the only school in Mindanao that has a dual diploma program: a diploma from Department of Education (DepEd) and from international partners.

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