Culinary beyond cooking at ICHEF

In the world of culinary arts, it all starts with the love of food of people who eventually want to become chefs and experts in food preparation, cooking, and exciting presentation.

Because of this fascination with food, some made culinary arts a career to enhance creativity, enjoy unrivaled travel opportunities and job opportunities abroad.

But for some, culinary means pursuing business in food industry.

In all aspects of food business, one needs not only skills but passion for proper planning, great marketing, product positioning, and shelf strategy to increase chances of success.

That’s why the Institute of International Culinary and Hospitality Entrepreneurship (ICHEF) is making sure it’s more than just a culinary school. Students are not only taught culinary skills but also business and entrepreneurship by putting them in the real environment of the food industry wherein they are taught to handle the operation on their own from planning to marketing to selling.

Through the program “Restaurant Operations” the culinary management students of ICHEF are encouraged to dive into culinary entrepreneurship by engaging them in dining activities at the newly renovated ICHEF restaurant.

The program enables the students to realize that the food industry or business is a vibrant and exciting marriage of commerce and creativity.

Nicole Hao Bian-Ledesma, COO of JIB Schools, said before graduation, the students are required to operate their restaurant.


“They create their restaurant concept which includes the branding, menu, service style, and also a marketing plan,” she said.

How it is being done? Ledesma said the school lends the students capital to have some initial seed funds and they need to be able to make the restaurant profitable by looking into their budget, expenses, and sales.

All their earnings are theirs (students).

The students do it under the supervision of the school’s exceptional in-house chefs.

“This is an activity where the experience and learnings of the students at ICHEF become full circle as they own and operate their restaurant and experience being a chefpreneur” she said.

Some of Davao City’s recognized restaurateurs and culinary gurus namely Anthony Ang, owner of Blue Post’s Boiling Crabs; Chef Boyd Isaac of Boyd’s Pizza House; Marie Antoinette of Nestle Professional; and LTB Philippines Chefs Association Davao Chapter President and owner of Chippens and Salome’s Garden, Chef Sally San Jose have experienced the students’ service by dining in at their restaurant operations.

They also shared their chops on how to correctly run a restaurant and how to make the business successful.

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