Rinrin: Pinay-Aus Musician Rocks in Metalverse

RinRin on stage during Barrio Fiesta event of the 75th Philippines-Australia Friendship Anniversary celebrations at Langley Park in Perth, Western Australia.
Qarin "RinRin" Hipe

The possibilities are immense and the future is as bright as the burst of strobe lights.

Qarin “RinRin” Hipe, only 21, was headed for the big stage in Europe along with the big names of the metalverse like Alice Cooper and Bullet For My Valentine until the Ukraine-Russia conflict derailed what could have been her breakout performance before the world. Although the 10-11 June Rock In The City concert in Vantaa, Finland did not materialize, there was no denying RinRin has hit the core of meta-lverse.

There must be a bigger reason why as RinRin was up on a different stage and not in Finland banging away with the legends of metal rock. Instead, she straddled through the red carpet and the bright ballroom lights of Pan Pacific Perth clad in a short black dress instead of her trademark streetwear outfits.

Tucked under her belt was the distinction of being one of the Ten Outstanding Young Men and Women awardees during the 75th Philippines-Australia Friendship Anniversary celebrations in Perth, Western Australia last year. And on the night of 27 May, she made it as semifinalist of the 7News Young Achievers Award 2022 Western Australia edition.

Let’s get to know this teenaged Pinay-Aussie artist RinRin up close.

RinRin receives her 7News Young Achiever Award as semifinalist in the First National Real Estate Innovation Award which forms part of the 2022 7NEWS Young Achiever Awards WA.
RinRin receives her 7News Young Achiever Award as semifinalist in the First National Real Estate Innovation Award which forms part of the 2022 7NEWS Young Achiever Awards WA.

For teenaged girls, changing outfits is nothing short of extraordinary. Much less, changing hair color.

But when you switch from streetwear fashion to an evening gown, to university get up, to rock star kit, there must be something special. Quite like one who changes outfits from a telephone booth and transforms into a superhero.

RinRin, the name must have rang a bell by now if you are following the music scene, is not your next-door fashion figure. On a typical un-RinRin fashion, she wears a glitzy evening gown on Gala Nights. Not quite the outfit you see from the usual punk-inspired streetwear the emerging singer-songwriter from Perth usually rocks.

After receiving her award last year, she fronted a Uni interview the next day.

Three weeks after her 20th birthday, she signed a management contract with star-maker Dave McLean. How many girls her age get enshrined for community and youth awards, get her music played thousands of miles across the globe, and blow birthday candles while signing a management contract?

It has been a crazy meteoric rise for this young talent who was born in Bataan in the Philippines and migrated to Australia in 2008 at the age of 8.

While the Filipino-Australian community in WA is not awash with talents, RinRin simply stood out. Her music has racked up rave reviews from music blog sites and magazines the US, Japan, UK and Australia. Lately, her music has been playing in the Philippines. Her single “The Game” consistently stayed in the Top 10 of the Japan-based Radio Indie Alliance’s Mike Rogers Show.

But what really made RinRin special is the fact that she has hooked up with the famous Dave McLean who made a star out of rock icons Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins among others. McLean, whose life was made into film via “The Schemers”, climbed from disco organiser to Scottish entertainment kingpin.

Swept in the storm of this mad grind, her father Jonathan (who dabbles as the band’s drummer himself) could only heave a sigh of relief. The hardwork and immense investment has paid off. It’s like seeing her daughter jump off a parachute and calmly telling himself, “She’s gonna hit the ground safe. She’s ready for this.”

That was quite a narrative in timelapse mode.

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