The Art of Slowing Down

We live in a world where just about everything is at autobahn speed and it’s an epidemic of sorts.

There are times that when you wake up early on a Monday morning rushing your way to work that you miss that usual hearty breakfast or take your vitamins. Everyone is moving so fast that people don’t even notice how it affects their health, relationships, diet, work and environment.

Until they get sick.
It takes a toll in two aspects of our life–physically and psychologically. Ignoring the amount of stress we get from rushing too much can either or both result in acquiring cardiovascular diseases , anxiety, depression or other mental health challenges.

The question is, is there even a way for us to slow down? And the answer is YES.

Imagine yourself in slo-mo mode while the rest around you are in timelapse.

Call it the art of slowing down.
You need to practice the art of slowing down whether you are a student, an employee or a business owner. Your health should always come first. Here are some ideas that you might want to try for yourself.

Be Mindful

Mindfulness is a way of living that encourages people to find the calm by connecting to the present moment just as it is. Forget about the mistakes you made in the past and stop worrying about what could possibly go wrong in the future. The stress is not worth it.

Be in the know in such a way that you can focus on the things you need to finish every single day. Sometimes baby steps can go a long way than you imagine.

Eat slowly and take supplements

Before you can feed your mind with new ideas, you need to feed your tummy first. Take time to have a hearty meal everyday and eat slowly. Eating too fast also affects the efficiency of our metabolism and creates digestive problems. Plus, do not forget to take your daily supplements before leaving for work.

Do mono-tasking

Did you know that being busy does not make you productive? Research shows that multitasking is ineffective as our brains cannot do two things that require discernment at the same time. Tone down your work speed by 40%.

Take a break

In this sedentary lifestyle, we usually spend most of our hours in front of our laptops and sitting all-day. This is definitely unhealthy and could cause a lot of health problems in the future. Take time to go outside and take a walk. This gives you time to relax and reminds you that there is something so much bigger than you at work.

Savor the moment

Always remember that there’s a reason why you work so hard– that’s for you to enjoy the life you want with your loved ones. Spending time with them is precious so make sure that you clock out on time so you can have the remaining hours of the day for yourself and your family.

Effortlessly de-stress

Don’t bring any workload after working hours. It is “me time” or “family time” by the time you’re home from work. Unless you work from home or own a business, try your best to stay away from your workstation or turn off your laptop. Find your sanctuary for relaxation or leisure to destress.

Maintain a self-care ritual

Self-care is very important. It can be anything that you love to do from skin care, meditation or doing yoga exercises. This is going to be your sacred time. Do it after lighting a scented candle that could help you relax through the night just like Made Candles.

Made Candles are luxury scented candles made of natural soy and beeswax that are inspired by dreams and memories. The brand is all about cultivating community, simplifying lives and reclaiming time for what matters through #SlowLiving which ultimately means doing things while being in a moment.

Each candle is carefully hand-poured in glasses that come in four different fragrances–fresh, woody, floral and oriental. With a blend of phthalate-free fragrance and essential oils, Made candles instantly transform any room into a warm and relaxing space.

Slowing down can enhance our health and well-being, and also makes our lives simpler and stress-free.


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