ALPI bunny-hops to 2023

The year of the Rabbit could see home-grown prime property developer Aeon Luxe Properties Incorporated (ALPI) hopping to new heights.

For good measure, ALPI kicked off its regular Open House events with the Chinese New Year celebration on January 22, 2023 at the iconic Aeon Towers.

The event drew sizeable attendance from interested clients wishing to land the good deals offered by ALPI on its two signaure projects Aeon Towers and Aeon Bleu.

Massive discounts for Aeon Towers and Aeon Bleu’s were offered for the two-day Open House events. Buyers entitled to the raffle draw won exciting prizes like Reveal Rejuvenating Skincare Kit, Premiere Samgyup gift certificates, and Aeon Towers Staycation gift certificates.

A traditional Dragon and Lion dance believed to ward off misfortune and usher in prosperity, set the tone for the well-attended celebration. The performance started on the 6th floor of Aeon Towers, where most visitors have gathered to celebrate the grand occasion.

Aside from the Dragon and Lion dance, Aeon Luxe Properties Incorporated also brought in a tarot card reader who attracted a long line of curious guests. Of course, it came free.

Tarot card reading has a huge following as believe in its validity, finding that it gives them a powerful sense of manifestation and inspires them to look forward with optimism.

And then, there’s the Tikoy which was the certified blockbuster treat in the house. The sticky consistency of this Chinese delicacy represents a strong bond among family members and other relationships.

The crowd turnout and the turnover of sales were overwhelming for the first Open House of the year and by all indications, it should roll over to the rest of the year. Awesome job indeed for ALPI’s sales team.

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