Sustainability pushed in infrastructure work

During the opening of the 9th Philconstruct Mindanao, Undersecretary for Planning and Public-Private Partnership of the Department of Public Works and Highways Cathy Cabral urged the construction and infrastructure community to ensure sustainability development in the implementation of projects.

“As we move forward, it is not enough to simply acknowledge that development should not only drive towards economic growth, but should also be sustainable and inclusive”, Cabral said during her speech at the SM Lanang Activity Center last September 7.

Although the DPWH undersecretary acknowledged the importance of infrastructure, whether initiated by the public or private sector, as a vital aspect in any nations development, she also warned the negative implications these could bring towards the environment.

“This rapid development comes with a price. The building and construction industry has been branded in imposing negative impact towards natural environment and society,” Cabral said.

She also emphasized that the industry should be guided by the Philippine Green Building Code of the DPWH.

“The construction sector must head towards the factor that sustainability and development can co-exist,” Cabral said.

She added “we have to make sure that construction and the environment co-exist without the environment being sacrificed in the name of construction and infrastructure development.”

The Code seeks to improve the efficiency of building performance through a framework of standards that will enhance sound environmental and resource management to counter harmful gases, throughout the building’s life cycle, including efficient use of materials, site selection, planning, design, construction, use, occupancy, operation and maintenance, without significant increase in cost.

Cabral is one of the invited guest during the opening ceremony of Philconstruct Mindanao, the biggest and most sought building and construction in the region will optimistically contribute in the socio-economic development in Mindanao.

In her speech, she said that infrastructure development will decrease the levels of poverty and improve the overall quality of life in every Filipinos.

She also mentioned that several research forecast have already seen that the industry will sustain its growth in the coming years.