‘Matalinong Panonood’ advocated in rural areas

The “Matalinong Panonood Para sa Pamilya nina Juan at Juana” campaign that sought to empower parents and responsible adults in discerning viewership and authentic self-regulation on media and entertainment has reached the barrios.

This was underscored by Movie and Television Review and Classification Board officials in a press conference during the 6th Family and Child Summit of the MTRCB held at the Holy Cross of Davao College on September 7. Chairperson Maria Rachel Arenas and Board Members Atty. Gaby Concepcion, Raymond Aquino and Bibeth Orteza led a group of MTRCB officials in sharing their insights.

“It is our mission in MTRCB that we explain our role especially to every Filipino family, how important it is for every parents and guardians to really guide our children in everything they do, including watching television and movies,” said Concepcion  who is also a morning show host for GMA7’s Unang Hirit.

While Orteza, also a well-known director and actress, emphasized the importance of parental guidance towards the youth’s viewing habit at home.

“We remind every parent and households that the moral values and upbringing of the family really starts at home,” Orteza said.

It is the first time that the “Matalinong Panonood” caravan was brought outside Metro Manila since its conception in 2014.

“It is the first time that we are bring it in Visayas and Mindanao,” Chairperson Arenas added, “Because we really wanted to give value on how the role of these people in Visayas and Mindanao contribute in promoting our activities.”

She also said that bringing the tour in schools would also be contributory.

“Since school is the second home for these kids, it is also the role of the teachers to explain it to the students since it is also where formation starts,” Arenas said.

Before the Family Summit at HCDC, MTRCB had conducted the caravan in barangays in Digos City.

As to the number of barangays visited, Arenas did not disclose any numbers, but said that they exceeded from their target number of areas.

Apart from the television and movie classifications that the agency is imposing, the agency also wanted to educate the public on the rationale behind it through seminars and workshops, not only intended for the adults, but also including the young ones.

“We saw how important the seminar is, because the parents and the children will truly understand it,” Concepcion added, “We really wanted to have a common understanding, which is to protect the child.”

As to the challenges that the caravan underwent, Board Member Aquino disclosed that letting the public fully understand their functions and roles in the community takes a lot of effort. He also observed especially in the provinces that most families disregard its importance.

“As we roam around the country, we have observed that not all are aware of our role, amidst our intensified campaigns on TV.” Aquino said.

He also said that the younger audience has the most crucial mind.

“The child’s brain is like a sponge. Whether he/she sees is good or bad, he/she will absorb it. They cannot determine the difference,” Aquino said.

He also said that the efforts of the agency in reviewing and classifying these TV shows and movies would mean nothing if the appreciation level of the community is very low.

Orteza meanwhile observed that majority of the parents neglect their responsibility by abandoning their child in front of the television screen.

“Sadly, some people use TV as their ‘yaya’ of their child, while they are busy Facebooking around the corner,” Orteza said.

She then said, “Because there is an underscore that we cannot do it alone, we really need the help of everyone. At the end of the day, the real MTRCB is the family.”

MTRCB is also eyeing in revisiting their powers and functions, so that they can maximize their regulatory jurisdiction, including regulating social media.