CTTMO nixes giving of money to beggars

The Davao City Transport and Traffic Management Office has urged both private and public vehicles and motorists to refrain from giving any amount of money to beggars especially children, caroling on the streets and highways this Yuletide season.

Dionisio Abude, CTTMO chief, told Edge Davao that his office prepared an advisory for the public discouraging them to give alms to beggars and children.

“Giving alms to beggars especially children can cause accidents and also a violation of City Ordinance 0334-12, section 155-158 or “Pedestrian Duties and Responsibilities.” said Abude.

According to Abude, the advisory is still up for the approval by the City Administrator.

However, he encourages generous motorists to give their donations to City Social Service Development Office (CSSDO) and Department of Social Work and Development (DSWD), instead of giving money to a beggar caroling on the streets and highways.

“The idea of refraining to give any money to the beggars this Christmas season will decrease the number of begging along the roads every day,” Adube added.

Meanwhile, Marilyn Agonia of the Quick Response Team for Children’s Concern of the City Social Services and Development Office said that children begging for alms in the form of caroling on the stress are a common scene this holiday season.

However, Agonia said that that the QRTCC continues its advocacy for the “Anti-Mendicancy Law of 1978” to prevent the practice of mendicancy and the exploitation of infants and children by their parents, guardians and elders.

“Caroling on the streets is risky, especially to children who tap on car doors and windows or those who jump from one public utility vehicle to another,” she said.

If Dabawenyos want to help mendicants, they can channel their assistance through agencies and licensed/ accredited non- government organizations, or to religious institutions, she said.