ML hastened Davao business growth—exec

The implementation of martial law in Mindanao is one of the reasons that business development in Davao City continues to grow and improve this year, the president of the Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc. (DCCCII) said.

Arturo Milan, DCCCII president told Davao reporters on Monday during the Kapehan sa Dabaw at SM City that Davao City is now characterized with one of the fastest developments in terms of infrastructures and other city’s establishments.

“If we continue upgrading the basic infrastructure in the city, we will still achieve more improvements,” Milan said.

According to the city chamber president, that despite the declaration of martial law on May 23 2017, there is an increase in real estate investments and tourist arrivals in this city.

“The extension of Martial Law for another year will be a good thing for Mindanao’s business sector since investors will feel safe in putting up its business in the city,” he added.

However, Milan added that the robust developments in the city caused the worsening traffic congestion and negative impact to our environment.

“Any development or progress in an area there is always a trade of and one the trade that we need to face is the worsening of traffic situation in our city and our government officials is now doing its best to put up the coastal roads as well as city’s by-pass roads and the mass transit system which we hopefully this will come in next two years,” he said.

Millan added that one of the challenges they also need to face is the environment impact of all these development happening in the city especially in terms of our air quality and water quality.

“This is one among the few advocacies of the chamber together with the local government to reserved our water waste so that it will not be polluted because as population grows and all this high rise buildings the demand for clean water will increase,” he added.

Milan urges all entrepreneurs and companies operating poultry and hugs to practice sustainable development particularly through implementing mitigating measures that will benefit the environment since it is also one of the areas affected by the developmental phenomenon.

Meanwhile, Milan also expressed for a better economic situation in the city for 2019.

“The best is yet to come because the future is brighter for Davao,” he said.