PRO to transfer cops related to candidates

Police Regional Office (PNP) 11 director Chief Superintendent Marcelo Morales (File Photo)

PERSONNEL of  Police Regional Office (PRO) 11 in Davao who have relatives who are running the May 2-19 midterm elections will be transfered to other places in the region where they are deemed not able to  influence the results of the elections.

PRO 11  director Chief Supt. Marcelo Morales said he reminded the city and provincial police directors to be non-partisan and all personnel must observe utmost discipline and professionalism specially during the election campaign..

He said this has been discussed during its conference last January 12, citing the PNP Ethical Doctrine saying that police officers shall provide services to everyone without discrimination regardless of party affiliation in accordance with existing laws and regulations.

During their conference, Morales bared that all units of PRO 11should now ne focused  focused on the concerns about security preparations, election watch list areas (EWAs) and elections related incidents (ERIs) in the previous elections and insurgency situation in the region.

“I want to look back on how we perform in the previous elections, fill the gaps and develop our performance and make the Voting Day an ordinary one to let people choose leaders freely without retribution,” he said.

He also assured the public that PRO 11 and its counterparts will continue working together to intensify the implementation of security plans all over the region. 

Morales said they already set up checkpoints nationwide for the implementation of election gun ban under the supervision of the Commission of Elections. 

He said that at the checkpoints,  the police will conduct visual inspection for the barring of possible transport of illegal contrabands. 

Morales also told the people that permit to carry firearms of a private individual is temporarily cancelled up to June 12 while law enforcers are only allowed to carry guns on their duty hours.