Child rights group seeks private support

A child rights organization seeks support from private sectors to help children under its fold to pursue education.

CHILD LABOR. Kaugmaon Foundation for Children’s Rights and Social Development, Inc. executive director Florie May Tacang and Children Advisory Committee/Peer Educator’s Jed Jayme Lagria express their concern on the increasing number of child laborers in the region now totaled more than 100,000 in time for the World Day against Child Labor Campaign. Tacang added during this week’s Kapehan sa Dabaw at SM City Davao that they are encouraging parents, specially those residing in the hinterlands, to let their children go to school. Lean Daval Jr

Kaugmaon for Children’s Rights and Social Development, Inc., a non-government organization which commits to facilitate and provide better means and opportunities for marginalized children and young people  aims to provide educational scholarship to 13 children organizations catering child laborers, children at risk of child laboring and former child laborers.

Kaugmaon regional director Florie May Tacang, during the Kapehan
sa Dabaw held at the Annex of SM City Davao on Monday, June 10, called for support to corporate sectors to fuel their advocacy in preventing children from becoming laborers and provide them free education to hold a degree.

Apart from providing education, Kaugmaon’s existing program is focused on facilitating its child organization partners in providing health and livelihood programs to parents of child laborers.

In 2015, the organization recorded 114,000 child laborers all over Davao Region.

Tacang, however, said the The Battle of Marawi also known as the Marawi siege which transpired on May 23, 2017, contributed to the rise of child laborers through the years.

The regional director, meanwhile, explained that most of the children engaged in labor are being encouraged to work by their parents to help the family because of socio-economic issues.

“Ang uban dili na mag skwela kay mutabang na sa ginikanan tungod sa kalisud,” Tacang said, underscoring those children who are working as farmers along with their parents.

Kaugmaon regularly conducts workshops and seminars to communities where has high risks of child labor.

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